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25 Clock Hours 

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50 Clock Hours 

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Unlimited Time to Complete Them.

*One-time payment. Unlimited time to complete. No additional materials required
to complete courses. Everything you need is include with your online courses.

25 Clock Hour Bundle Includes 

  • Develop Your Potential: Reach Your Biggest Goals This Year — 2 Clock Hours
  • Ethics and professionalism in Rec. Therapy — 90 minutes
  • Interpersonal Success Secrets – Two (2) Clock Hours
  • Leisure Education and Counseling — – Two (2) clock hours of continuing education
  • Motivation Secrets — – Two (2) clock hours of continuing education
  • Social Psychology Secrets — Two (2) clock hours of continuing education
  • Positive Psychology Secrets — – Two (2) clock hours of continuing education
  • Rec Therapist: We Put the RT in HEART® — (compassion and professional skills) — – Two (2) clock hours of continuing education
  • The Healing Power of Expressing Emotions — – Two (2) clock hours of continuing education
  • Trauma Focused Recreational Therapy – Two (2) Clock Hours
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in Recreational Therapy — – Two (2) clock hours of continuing education
  • Teaching Emotion Regulation Skills to People with Behavioral Health Needs – Two (2) Clock Hours
  • Rec Therapist: How to be an effective leader and get twice the results – Two (2) Clock Hours

50 Clock Hour Bundle Includes 

  • Develop Your Potential: Reach Your Biggest Goals This Year — 2 Clock Hours
  • Communication skills: therapeutic and non-verbal — 90 minutes
  • Social Psychology Secrets — Two (2) clock hours of continuing education
  • Behavioral Health Needs and Treatment Approaches in Recreational Therapy – Twelve (12) clock hours of continuing education
  • Ethics and professionalism in Rec. Therapy — 90 minutes
  • Models of Practice in Rec. Therapy (One clock hour of continuing education)
  • Psychology of Success: Understanding the Growth Mindset — Five Clock Hours
  • Interacting with people who have disabilities / transfer techniques (one clock hour of continuing education)
  • Interpersonal Success Secrets – Two (2) Clock Hours
  • Leisure Education and Counseling — – Two (2) clock hours of continuing education
  • Motivation Secrets — – Two (2) clock hours of continuing education
  • Rec Therapist: We Put the RT in HEART® — (compassion and professional skills) — – Two (2) clock hours of continuing education
  • Positive Psychology Secrets — – Two (2) clock hours of continuing education
  • Trauma Focused Recreational Therapy – Two (2) Clock Hours
  • The Healing Power of Expressing Emotions — – Two (2) clock hours of continuing education
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in Recreational Therapy — – Two (2) clock hours of continuing education
  • Teaching Emotion Regulation Skills to People with Behavioral Health Needs – Two (2) Clock Hours
  • Rec Therapist: How to be an effective leader and get twice the results – Two (2) Clock Hours
  • Bibliotherapy in Rec Therapy by Laurie Nerat CTRS (One clock hour of continuing education)
  • Kristin Mian presents: Strategies and techniques for adaptive aquatics (One clock hour of continuing education)
  • Eating Disorders: Recreational Therapy’s Role in Effective Treatment by Laurie Nerat CTRS (One clock hour of continuing education)
  • Stacked programming for those with short attention spans by Linda Bailey (One Clock Hour of Continuing Education)

What Rec Therapists Are Saying

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Christopher Byrd, CTRS

Allison Polesnak, CTRS

Your Two (2) Best Options — Bundle and Save.

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Your Two (2) Best Options — Bundle and Save.

 What People Are Saying About Rec Therapy Today

  • Affordable
  • Affordable
  • Affordable CEUs
  • More educated RT
  • Gets me motivated
  • Variety of topics
  • to achieve higher goals
  • Great education sessions
  • Great way to keep current
  • Info is very informative!!
  • Easiest place to get ceus!
  • It gives updates every week!
  • The convenience of online CEUs
  • It’s great. Love the ceu’s. 😊
  • A lot of good and valuable info
  • I am always learning & growing.
  • It has helped me tremendously!
  • giving us opportunity for education
  • Very informative and I refreshing topics.
  • Helps me get my ceus when I am available
  • Valuable information to further your career
  • Useful, helps me see different ones available
  • Helped me earn the rest of my 50 for my recert!!
  • Gets me motivated and interested in learning more
  • Knowing I can get all the CEUs I need in one place
  • keeps me in compliance 🙂 easy to access online
  • gives me useful tools to allow me to reach higher goals
  • I am learning about Rec therapy today’s and CEU programs
  • I love that I can do it from home as the work week is busy
  • Love the session and the easy access to all the CEU’s I need
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of new or improved practices
  • Knowledge is power and Rec Therapy Today provides opportunity!
  • The program allows me keep up to date on changes and new ideas.
  • It provides up to date information in an easily accessible way.
  • It’s convenient and a great variety of courses to choose from.
  • It’s a great, very convenient option for learning on my own time.
  • Keeps me in the know and able to provide evidence based practice.
  • It’s so nice to be able to do this anytime as it is busy during the day.
  • It allows me to get the necessary CEU’s to remain as a certified therapist.
  • With the pandemic it was the one of few resources to continue to earn CEUs.
  • As a Rec therapy student it has given me a better insight into my future career
  • Great CEU selections helps me with my Re-certification last June and thank you!
  • I love the selection that is offered and the ability to do them on my own at home
  • With CoVid and all conferences cancelled this is an excellent way to complete CEU/s
  • It is so convenient to be able to access CEUs without having to attend conferences!
  • I am always willing to learn and the CEU program is very educational and informative.
  • Online learning let’s me learn at my own pace and put time in my schedule to earn ceu.
  • I love the free webinars! I use some of the concepts taught in the webinars at my job.
  • Provides information/refreshers on topics and populations to help further our profession.
  • Provides great resources for me to utilize as a Rec Therapist in a Mental Health setting.
  • It provides an easier way for us to learn up to date things and keep sharp on rec therapy.
  • I get to earn ceu’s from the comfort of my own home, no travel involved, and at my own pace!
  • The CEUs are so affordable and there are many interesting topics. I can learn on my own time!
  • It makes it easier for me because I can’t go to conferences or workshops in person al ot of time
  • At this time it’s the newsletter that I have truly enjoyed. CEU’s to help maintain certification
  • Rec Therapy Today provided the needed CEUs to complete my recertification. I am going on 20 years!
  • Continue to learn and educate myself on different modalities and techniques in being a rec therapist
  • I am able to use the resources to think outside the box sometimes and learn something I didn’t know.
  • I loved the free webinar you did! Great information! I’m going to sign up for some soon to get my CEUs
  • Especially now with Covid 19, a lot of conferences have been cancelled. I enjoy the up to date information.
  • Always has great information and easy access to approved CEUs. Keeps the profession growing and connected.
  • Easiest way to get CEUs without having to spend a ton if extra money. Provides a variety of different courses.
  • Haven’t had to do any CEU’s just yet. However, I view the site almost everyday to get ideas and read articles.
  • This program always has something to offer. Great and pertinent information that can be directly applied to my job.
  • I usually get 2-3 hours each year with Rec Therapy Today. Helps me stay on track and some great topics. Easy to use.
  • CEU programs provides me in-depth information on mental health diagnosis and different programs to treat the diagnosis
  • Rec Therapy Today’s CEU program can help to earn CEUs conveniently at home while teaching about new skills and areas of TR!
  • It helps me get a head start on my CEU’s which allows me to constantly learn something new to better myself professionally.
  • I enjoy the Facebook page. I also enjoy getting reminders for CEUs in the mail. Can’t wait to do some CEUs with Rec Therapy
  • Rec Therapy Today allows me to be independent and accountable for obtaining ceu’s and keeps me excited about my field of work!
  • The constant information, often free opportunities and availability of courses makes what is often a daunting task, way easier!
  • REC Therapy Today’s helps me earn all my CEU in one place. It helps me keep in touch with all the changes that are happending.
  • I am able to learn so many new interventions for my programs or just to learn more about the population of clients I work with.
  • I worry less than bout getting my CEUs becsuse Rec Therapy Today provides so many options. i enjoyed the once a month webinars.
  • Lots of valuable and pertinent information provided, helping create new ideas for dealing with the geriatric dementia population.
  • The CEU program is an efficient way to obtain CEU’s to maintain credentials and keep one up to date on best practices in the field.
  • Rec Therapy Today help me to stay in compliance with NCTRC and learn fresh ideas to interact and put a smile on my residents faces.
  • Rex Therapy Today’s CEU program has helped me to stay on top of the happenings and remain knowledgeable in my field! Thank you, Danny!
  • CEUs help therapist strive to stay updated on all new technology and clinical information to help us better ourselves in the profession.
  • I love that I can continue my education right from home and get the last and greatest about Recreational Therapy. Great prices for CEU’s.
  • I’ve only used the free web-based and they have helped me boost my ceiling hours tremendously. Very helpful when one is on a tight budget.
  • I used the 75 behavioral heath CEU pack for $300. I was very impressed by the readings and the other material. Thank you for a great program
  • It is so nice to have the opportunities and resources that you provide to us! You help keep Rec Therapy alive and we are all grateful for that!
  • Have options for all kinds of CEU’s is important to me and One of the reasons I like Rex Therapy today. They are also easy to use and navigate.
  • The CEUs are affordable and convenient. I can take classes on my own time, in the comfort of my home which is most beneficial to my learning style.
  • By allowing me to be up to date with the new contents that are helpful to enhance my knowledge as RT and to provide high quality of care to my clients.
  • The program is reminding of things I already knew but have not used. I love learning new ways of doing the same thing and/or just new things in general.
  • I have become a better Rec Therapist with the help of Rec Therapy Today by the resources that are provided to have meaningful and effective interventions.
  • The ethics training validated that I was advocating for the right reasons and empowered me to continue to stand up for my clients that may not have a voice!
  • I have gotten a couple of the free CEUs by participating in a program. I have 2 books which i need to read in order to complete another course that i bought.
  • I appreciate having a place to go to get CEU’s that I know will work for us and not have to worry. It is so good and easy and always pertain somehow to our field.
  • It is the best. I have no time to travel to conferences and due to the pandemic, we are not allowed to travel but so far. This is a great opportunity to acquire CEU’s
  • There have been some good topics – things that I am interested in learning more about. I have also enjoyed the free trainings, so I appreciate that you have done those. 
  • It helps me complete ceus required for recertification. Especially during this pandemic it has helped me be able to stay up to date, especially when many conferences were canceled.
  • All of the courses are affordable, plus there are frequent deals offered. Course content is relevant to daily practice, and is easy to complete when it is convenient for my schedule.
  • RTT provides helpful information related to my practice and to the practice of those that I supervise. RTT makes it so much easier to get all my CEUs that I need to maintain my CTRS.
  • Rec Therapy’s Today’s ceu program helps me discover opportunities and challenges to become a better Rec Therapist. Thank you for teaching, assisting and being dedicated to Rec Therapy.
  • It is a more accessible way for me to get my CEU’s since it is online. This helps me become a better rec therapist because I can learn so much about this profession online anytime I want.
  • It allows me to gain knowledge to keep me updated on RT information without having to spend a fortune on a conference. Also, with the Covid-19 I am able to achieve CEU’s without travelling.
  • Especially during the COVID Pandemic, the CEU opportunities offered is a great way to obtain the CEU’s required to maintain CTRS credentials, when in person conferences have been cancelled.
  • Being a Recreation Therapist is hard. We don’t get paid enough, among other things, but re-certification is expensive. RTT provides affordable and free opportunities, which is so necessary.
  • I have learned some interesting things with Rec Therapy’s courses, things I can do to improve facilitating to my residents, ways to be more empathetic and just how varied the field of Rec Therapy is!
  • I am coming up on my one year of being a CTRS and I found rec therapy today and it has made understanding CEU’s so much easier. I am continuing to learn new things through these programs all the time.
  • Hello, I hope all is well. Rec Therapy Today keeps me in compliance with NCTRC standards and my career as Recreation Supervisor from Mississippi. It also help me to provide better service to our residents.
  • During this time, face-to-face learning opportunities are extremely limited. Rec Therapy Today gives me the opportunity to continue my learning in a safe and convenient environment.  The price is reasonable, too!
  • I love the CEU offer through recreation therapy.com. It allows me to keep up with my ceu with my busy work schedule and is also finalcially friendly. I enjoying learning about other areas of recreation therapy. 
  • Rec Therapy Today provides specialized continuing education courses that offer a plethora of tips and knowledge for working with various populations as well as mastering the skills that a quality RT should possess.
  • I love these CEU’s and it has been especially helpful during the pandemic with cancelled RT conferences.  It’s great information  and can enhance clinical practice.  The  price is reasonable as well. Thanks so much.
  • Being online is easier in this time of Covid. It’s also helpful when you are busy you can do when you have time.   The content  of the programs is interesting  and I have been able to incorporate what I have learned
  • It is much easier to obtain CEUs then any other website because it can come in packages which makes completing multiple CEUs much easier for myself because it can be difficult looking for them through various websites.
  • Online learning and earning CEU’s is a very convenient, and now necessary way to earn CEU’s. Looks like this way may become the “new normal” for some time to come, considering Social Distancing requirements throughout the country.
  • It has been extremely helpful!! My husband and I both have full time jobs. Having 2 small kids makes it very difficult to attend out of town conferences. This program has allowed me to earn my CEUs to n my time.  VERY CONVENIENT!!!
  • Rec Therapy Today is an easy way to help earn CEUs. I have enlisted in several courses, they are simple to follow, educational, and prepare you for quizzes at the end of your sessions. Thank you Danny for providing these programs for us!
  • The CEU programs has given me excellent information on what Rec therapy does and how presentations are given. I am currently an intern and completing my degree in 2 weeks. I was able to watch the presentations and gain more knowledge on RT and CEUs.
  • In today’s crazy world of COVID 19 and restrictions, your program/ company is making it super easy to get ahold of the necessary education to continue our certification. It’s a fool proof way to earn CEU’s in a comfortable and safe setting. Thanks for that!
  • At this time I have not yet did any of the programs but know I will need to and am grateful that you provide them. Often times it is difficult to find CEU education related to behavioral health treatment and I’m glad to see that so many of your classes address this!
  • I have literally continued my education with Rec Therapy. After college, I was worried I wouldn’t stay up-to-date with all of the new interventions and other things related to RT. I am so thankful for Rec Therapy Today. CEU (credits) and furthering my knowledge of RT.
  • I love Rec Therapy Today! It gives me easy access to so many opportunities to receive CEUs. It is really helping me grow in my field to gain more of the knowledge I need to be the best CTRS. It’s only my first year as being a CTRS and rec therapy today has been an amazing resource!
  • I believe that the best way to learn is through those with experience and the Rec Therapy Today CEU allows the opportunity to learn through those that have experiencing and are still practicing today. To further the profession we need to stand together and help each other get further in the field.
  • Quality education that relates to my area of practice. I can get my CEU’s by completing the courses at my own pace from home. I love conferences but it is sometimes difficult to get to conferences. Danny has years of experience in RT and has been providing quality, affordable, pre-approved CEU’s for years.
  • I think RecTherapy Today’s CEU program offers lots of opportunities to earn credits; although I have not taken advantage of it yet – I plan too! I also believe that Rec Therapy Today helps to motivate me to be a better Rec Therapist and that I can strive to do more. I love the creativity and how it helps to connect us to other professionals.
  • I am ALWAYS bettering myself and educating myself more, a lot of people truly don’t understand how important recreation therapists are in the world and I am always advocating for our line of work. Recreation is not only my job but my passion and I have appreciated the resources provided by Rec Therapy Today’s programs and courses. A big thank you to all of you !
  • The CEU programs available on Rec Therapy Today’s site help me become a better therapist by allowing me to explore different techniques and programs used with various clientele. I am not planning on being with my current company forever so, it is great to learn of other areas of interest I may further pursue later on in my career. The convenience of Rec Therapy Today is probably the most important aspect of the website and the fact that I am able to look up a CEU  curriculum whenever I have time to do so.

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Meet Danny Pettry

Danny W. Pettry II, M.Ed., M.S., LPC, NCC, CTRS-BHS

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Danny Pettry is your continuing education guide at Rec therapy Today®. He’s here to help you. 

Pettry has advanced graduate degrees in Recreational Therapy (2006) and Mental Health Counseling (2012) from Indiana University and Lindsey Wilson College, respectively. 

Pettry has been a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) since 2003. He recently earned the Behavioral Health Specialization designation.

Pettry is a Lifetime Member of ATRA. 

Note: Rec Therapy Today isn’t affiliated with ATRA.

Pettry’s received three ATRA awards, including: Certificate of Recognition (2018); Advocate Award (2005); and Peg Connolly Student Scholarship Award (2004). 

Pettry was awarded Clinical Staff of the Year by the West Virginia Child Care Association in 2015.


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