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2020 Book Project

You’re invited to submit an article for this book!  Deadline to submit is March 31, 2020. The submission form is below.

Danny Pettry is putting together an inspirational book of advice to encourage people to participate in recreation activities. 

This book will include 101 short-articles from RTs on things like: , mindfulness, staying fit, enjoying nature, art, swimming, crafts, dance hiking, thinking activities, and so much more. You’ll own the rights to your article. We’ll mail you an agreement for permission to use your article in the book if it has been selected.

Objective: Write an article about any one recreation activity and outline the benefits. 

Target audience: imagine writing the article for an 8th grader. Keep it simple.

Outline: Describe the activity. Give an example of the activity. Outline 3, 5, 7, or 10 benefits for doing the activity. Share final thoughts about the activity. 

Submission Form

Headline Generator: Click here to open a headline generator (in a new tab) that you can use to help grab attention for your article.

Helpful Outline for your article:

  • Define the activity
  • Give example of the activity
  • Describe benefits for the activity (3,5, 7, 10). Be sure to include social, physical, emotional, spiritual, self-expression, cognitive, etc)
  • Include a final thought