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Bullet Journaling by Erica Heil

Guest Blog Post by Erica Heil

My name is Erica and I am currently as a Recreation Therapist in Ohio and in Michigan.
Mental health is extremely important for everyone.
Personal disclosure: I am not ashamed to say I struggle with extreme anxiety and panic attacks–I have for many years now. And while I know the a lot of the tools to use to help– [this one really seems to help me a lot]

Introducing bullet journaling

 I recently picked up bullet journaling because it didn’t seem like anything else was working for me.

What is Bullet Journaling:

Bullet Journaling is a form of journaling that doesn’t “require” formal types of writing.
I like it because it seems acceptable to be able to doodle and kind of poke fun at things that are going on.
With traditional journaling I get bored and eventually give up on it.
However with bullet journaling I am able to express what I’m feeling and hold myself accountable for things in short and fun ways.
There are many ways that an individual can journal and express themselves and for me this is the way that has worked out the best so far,
I feel calmer while engaging which is definitely a plus.
There are plenty of groups and pages that you can follow for inspiration, which is another reason I love this form of journaling.”

Here are some pictures of my work:


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July 27, 2020

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    Love the concept.


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