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Rec Therapy Today Reviews

Benefits of Recreation

Humor of the Month

Infographics for the Month

Holidays this Month

1. **June 5 (Wednesday)**: World Environment Day
2. **June 8 (Saturday)**: World Oceans Day
3. **June 14 (Friday)**: Flag Day (USA)
4. **June 16 (Sunday)**: Father’s Day (USA)
5. **June 19 (Wednesday)**: Juneteenth (USA)
6. **June 20 (Thursday)**: World Refugee Day
7. **June 20 (Thursday)**: West Virginia Day (USA) — 
8. **June 21 (Friday)**: Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere)
9. **June 21 (Friday)**: International Yoga Day
10. **June 22 (Saturday)**: National Chocolate Eclair Day (USA)
11. **June 27 (Thursday)**: Helen Keller Day (USA)

Featured Article for the Month

Level Up Your Career: Why and How Recreational Therapists Should Ask for a Raise

By: Danny W. Pettry II

As a recreational therapist, your daily efforts directly impact patient outcomes, improve quality of life, and enhance overall well-being. You bring joy, comfort, and rehabilitation through creative and therapeutic activities.

It’s time to recognize the value of your work and ask for a raise that reflects your dedication, reliability, and positive attitude.

4 Reasons Why You Should Ask for a Raise

1. **Patient Outcomes**: Your work profoundly impacts patient recovery and satisfaction. Studies have shown that recreational therapy contributes significantly to improved physical and mental health outcomes, justifying the need for fair compensation.

2. **Reliability**: You are a pillar of consistency for both your patients and your team. Your reliability ensures that therapeutic programs run smoothly and effectively, demonstrating your indispensable role.

3. **Positive Attitude**: Maintaining a positive demeanor in challenging situations inspires and motivates your patients. Your positive attitude creates a conducive environment for therapy and teamwork.

4. **Customer Service**: Outstanding customer service skills enhance patient and family satisfaction, which is crucial for the reputation and success of your facility.

Provide Evidence to Support and Justify a Raise

– **Patient Progress Reports**: Document improvements and successes in your patients’ conditions. Tangible evidence of progress due to your therapy sessions strengthens your case.

– **Testimonials**: Collect positive feedback from patients, families, and colleagues. Testimonials highlight your impact and value to your employer.

– **Performance Reviews**: Reference past performance evaluations that commend your skills, reliability, and contributions.

How to Ask for a Raise

1. **Prepare Your Case**: Gather evidence, including patient progress reports, testimonials, and performance reviews. Highlight how your work has directly contributed to positive patient outcomes and facility goals.

2. **Choose the Right Time**: Timing is crucial. Schedule a meeting during a period of positive feedback or after a significant achievement. Avoid periods of financial difficulty for your employer.

3. **Be Confident and Professional**: Approach the conversation with confidence. Express your appreciation for your job, and then present your case logically. Use the evidence you’ve gathered to justify your request.

4. **Practice Negotiation**: Be prepared to negotiate and discuss other benefits if a raise isn’t feasible immediately. Options like additional vacation days or professional development opportunities can be valuable.

Asking for a raise might feel daunting, but remember—you deserve it. Your commitment and impact on patient lives are invaluable, and your compensation should reflect this. Don’t hesitate to advocate for yourself; you’ve earned it.

Email template:

Subject: Request for Meeting to Discuss Compensation

Dear [Supervisor’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to request a meeting to discuss my current compensation as a Recreation Therapist at [Organization’s Name]. Over the past [number of years/months], I have greatly enjoyed contributing to our team and am proud of the progress and positive outcomes we’ve achieved for our clients.

In light of the experience I’ve gained and the expanded responsibilities I have undertaken, I believe it is an appropriate time to review my current compensation. I would appreciate the opportunity to present my case and discuss how my contributions meet or exceed expectations.

Please let me know a convenient time and date for us to meet. I am flexible and willing to accommodate your schedule to ensure we can have a detailed and productive discussion.

Thank you for considering my request. I am looking forward to your response.

Best regards,

[Your Full Name]
[Your Job Title]
[Your Contact Information]

Activity Ideas

 Here are some fun and engaging activity ideas for the month of June:


1. **Beach Day**: Spend the day relaxing by the ocean, swimming, and building sandcastles.


2. **Picnic in the Park**: Pack a basket with your favorite snacks and enjoy a meal outdoors.


3. **Hiking**: Explore local trails and immerse yourself in nature.


4. **Outdoor Movie Night**: Set up a projector in your backyard for a cozy evening under the stars.


5. **Camping Trip**: Plan a weekend camping adventure to reconnect with nature.


6. **Gardening**: Start a garden or tend to your plants; June is great for blooming flowers and veggies.


7. **Farmers Market Visit**: Check out local farmers markets for fresh produce and handmade goods.


8. **Barbecue Party**: Host a barbecue and enjoy grilled delights with friends and family.


9. **Fishing Trip**: Spend a peaceful day by the water, fishing and enjoying the calm.


10. **Water Sports**: Try kayaking, paddleboarding, or jet skiing.


11. **Outdoor Yoga**: Join a yoga class in the park or practice solo in a serene spot.


12. **Bike Ride**: Explore your city or countryside on a bicycle.


13. **Bird Watching**: Visit a nature reserve or your local park to observe and enjoy bird life.


14. **Fruit Picking**: Visit a local farm to pick seasonal fruits like strawberries or cherries.


15. **Music Festival**: Attend a local music festival or outdoor concert.


16. **Art Fair**: Check out local art fairs to see and purchase unique artwork.


17. **DIY Project**: Start a home improvement or crafty DIY project.


18. **Go to a Zoo or Aquarium**: Perfect for a family day out, exploring wildlife.


19. **Star Gazing**: On clear nights, lie back and observe the constellations.


20. **Ice Cream Tasting**: Visit an ice cream parlor and sample different flavors.


21. **Reading Marathon**: Dedicate a day to reading those books you’ve been wanting to dive into.


22. **Food Truck Festival**: Experience diverse and delicious street food.


23. **Photography Walk**: Take a camera and capture the beauty of June’s landscapes.


24. **Attend a Sports Game**: Cheer for your local team at a baseball or soccer game.


25. **Volunteer Outdoors**: Join community clean-up events or help with a local cause.




Enjoy your June!
Remember to keep safety tips in mind when providing any activiites for patients/ clients




Book of the Month

We call people who run super fast and jump extra high superhuman. But where does that leave me?”

Thirteen years ago, when she was just a baby, something terrible happened to Lexi Haas. It was a crime. Now, Lexi has an out-of-control body and can’t speak. As a smart, superhero-loving teenager, Lexi is counting down the last 24 hours to a scary brain surgery that might help her talk or even walk and use her hands.

As the surgery gets closer, Lexi feels a strong need to share the story of a special year in her life. She calls it The Year of the Buttered Cat. That year, as she almost shut herself off from the world, Lexi started a brave, lonely mission to find her “missing” body.

When the family cat went missing too, and a strange letter showed up, Lexi asked two new friends to help her search. But when those friends also vanished, Lexi had to find new ways to reach out and save her friendships. She also had to uncover the truth about what happened to her when she was a baby.

The Year of the Buttered Cat is based on the true story of Lexi Haas. Like the books Wonder by R.J. Palacio and Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper, this book gives strong, uplifting messages about friendship, family, loss, and finding new ways to see ourselves.

Game of the Month

Mattel Games ​UNO Splash Card Game for Outdoor Camping, Travel and Family Night with Water-Resistent Plastic Cards

Rec Therapist of the Month

Alyssa Beaudin, CTRS


Alyssa Beaudin, CTRS

Degree: Bachelors of Science in Therapeutic Recreation minor in psychology at Longwood University

I am a CTRS! I just celebrated my 4th year!

Tulip awards given at VCU for outstanding patient care.

When I was little my mom took me to work with her at Parks and Rec where I worked with people with disabilities, and I knew I wanted to do the same when I got older!

I currently work in the hospital setting. I work at VCU Health System.

I work on the inpatient adult psychiatry unit serving adults with various mental health diagnosis.

I provide a large range of activities, but some include positive affirmation letters, self-esteem groups, bingo, painting, and music!

I love when I am able to report positive outcomes a patient is experiencing from recreation therapy sessions during IDR and help education other professionals about the importance of RT!

I would recommend a new rec therapy explore various locations and settings before deciding where you’d like to be, I never in a million years would have pictured myself working in a very busy fast paced psych unit but I truly love it!

I am hopeful one day we will be able to bill for our services again. This could really help demonstrate the importance of our services.

The recreation therapist I admire is Susan Lynch she was my professor during my undergraduate and we have stayed in touch and she has really helped mentor me in many seasons of my life when I was becoming a recreation therapist!

In my leisure time, I have taken on the project of renovating our pop up camper!

I love all the opportunities provided by Rec Therapy Today to get CEUs. I also really enjoy the all the activity Ebooks available I have used those for years with patients! Thank you this truly means the world to me!

Video of the Month

American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) Section

Danny Pettry/ Rec Therapy Today — Disclaimers regarding ATRA

Danny Pettry and Rec Therapy Today are not affiliated with ATRA.  Danny Pettry is not an elected ATRA Board Member or hired spokesperson for ATRA. Danny Pettry is a Lifetime Member of ATRA who volunteers to assist with ATRA when possible.

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My co-worker Tiffany is leaving us and moving on. Here is a kind letter she had written me before leaving:

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Danny’s Summer Bucket List

I have neices and newphes.

  • The oldest will be a sernior in high school.
  • The two middle girls are both starting 6th grade.
  • The youngest will be starting 4th grade.

They call me “Uncle Cookie.”

Here is the summer bucket list I’ve created for them:

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