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Rec Therapy Stories do reach millions

Hey  Chicken Soup for the Soul — You claim there are not enough  recreational therapists to create a book and that your company would need a large audience with millions of potential readers in order to make the very large financial investment required.  ...

Kelly Anne Crossland

Kelley Anne Crossland is a junior therapeutic recreation major at Temple University. She has created a really neat TR Portfolio website.  She outlines her education and experience in the field at her site. Danny Pettry comments: I was at a conference in West Virginia...

Rec Therapy Careers

There are several Rec Therapist jobs posted at indeed. Go to this link: http://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=Recreation+Therapist&start=30&pp=AQIBBxQIEbFfY4EZid-xaFCRrX8BNSz_9nnr1KWhJpkmTc2pQRANq38g14OmWE8RZnlEl2cQmngymRMF9FV-JuDKkKip