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RT needed in Utica, NY

Friday Sept. 18, 2020 Job Title: Recreational Therapist City Utica, NY Full time for a local long-term care facility. Duties: Prepare and implement individualized treatment plans. Observe and record patients progress during treatment sessions and modify treatment...

Recreation Therapist needed — PALMER, Alaska

Recreation Therapist *    PALMER, Alaska *    Professional, Recreational therapy *    Day *    54946 *    North Star Behavioral Health Get Job Alerts Job Description Responsibilities The Recreation Therapist provides therapeutic recreational and expressive therapy...

Addictions and Treatment

Addictions and Treatment

A Summary of Bruce Larson’s (1999) Lecture The Disease of Addiction: Symptoms & Phases Summary by Danny Pettry Source: The Disease of Addiction: Symptoms & Phases [Motion picture]. (1999). United States: Hazelden. Larson (1999) argues that addiction is not a...

Smiling cheers you up

Smiling cheers you up

Cognitive behavior therapist teach a connection between our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) provided by trained professionals is an evidenced-based practice for treating depression and anxiety. Example: 1: Unhealthy thought: I’m no...

Don’t ask why questions to patients and clients

Don’t ask why questions to patients and clients

You can ask yourself: Why do I do what I do (to motivate yourself). However, it is best to avoid asking clients/ patients Why-based questions. These types of questions automatically put people on a defensive approach.   In example: Why did you act out? Why didn’t...

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