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Activity 1: Crossword Puzzle
Supplies: Pen and crossword puzzle
– Provide each participant with a crossword puzzle.
– Set a time limit for completion (e.g., 15-20 minutes).
– Encourage participants to focus, think critically, and concentrate on solving the puzzle using their vocabulary and problem-solving skills.

Activity 2: Memory Game
Supplies: Deck of cards
– Lay out a set of cards facing down.
– Participants take turns flipping over two cards and trying to find matching pairs.
– The game requires concentration and memory skills as participants work to remember the location of various cards while trying to make matches.

Activity 3: Logic Puzzles
Supplies: Book of logic puzzles or online access to logic puzzles
– Provide participants with a logic puzzle or access to online logic puzzles.
– Participants must carefully analyze the given information and use deductive reasoning to solve the puzzle.
– The activity challenges participants to think critically and use problem-solving skills to reach a solution.