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Flourish Recreational Therapy Consultants, led by the experienced and passionate Heather Silander, is an organization dedicated to promoting growth and resilience through recreational therapy. Specializing in a variety of services including staff training, NCTRC exam study sessions, consultation, and tailored recreation therapy sessions, Flourish RTC is making a significant impact in the field of therapeutic recreation.

Heather Silander, Ed.D., CTRS, brings a wealth of knowledge and 19 years of experience to Flourish RTC. Her expertise spans across administration, program development, community outreach, and undergraduate education in recreation therapy. Having presented at national, regional, and state conferences, Heather is recognized as a leading voice in the field, sharing insights on topics such as inclusive recreation, disability, and staff management. With her extensive background, Heather has also provided valuable consulting services to various organizations, further solidifying her reputation as a trusted expert in recreational therapy.

The name, Flourish Recreational Therapy Consultants, holds a significant meaning rooted in the practice of recreational therapy. Heather’s inspiration stems from the Flourishing Through Leisure Model, a strength-based approach that places the individual and their environment at the core of intervention development. Embracing this model, Flourish RTC empowers individuals to enhance their leisure lifestyle, fostering personal growth and resilience.

Embodying the spirit of growth and resilience, the dandelion was chosen as the logo for Flourish RTC. Often misunderstood as a weed, the dandelion holds deep symbolism in many cultures, representing resilience, growth, and hope. This choice reflects the organization’s commitment to nurturing and cultivating the potential for growth in each individual they serve.

Flourish RTC offers a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients. From comprehensive staff training covering behavior management, inclusive programming, and team-building to NCTRC exam study sessions for individuals or small groups, the organization is dedicated to fostering professional development within the field. Through consultation services encompassing assessments, programming, inclusive recreation, and policy/procedure guidance, Flourish RTC provides valuable support to organizations seeking to enhance their recreational therapy offerings.

Central to the organization’s mission is the provision of tailored recreation therapy sessions based on individual needs and goals. By placing the individual at the forefront, Flourish RTC ensures that each therapy session is thoughtfully crafted to support personal growth, well-being, and fulfillment.

In conclusion, Flourish Recreational Therapy Consultants is a beacon of hope and growth within the field of recreational therapy. With a steadfast commitment to cultivating resilience and promoting personal development, Heather Silander and her team at Flourish RTC are empowering individuals to flourish and thrive through the transformative power of recreational therapy.