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Carrie Windmeyer is the founder and manager of Adventures Unbound, a non-profit organization based in North Texas, with a mission to offer supervised travel opportunities for adults with intellectual and physical disabilities, aiming to increase independence and improve their quality of life while providing respite for families and caregivers. Carrie’s commitment to creating these opportunities stems from her personal experiences and a deep desire to address the lack of resources for adults with disabilities to engage in meaningful and enriching experiences.

After graduating from Oklahoma State University in 2009, Carrie Windmeyer pursued a career as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS). She has dedicated 14 years to this field, utilizing her expertise to provide aquatic therapy and manage Adventures Unbound in Fort Worth, TX. Carrie’s inspiration for founding this organization came from witnessing her uncle’s challenges as a person with cerebral palsy. After he graduated from high school, the resources available to him for activities significantly decreased, leaving him and his grandmother, who could not provide all the experiences they desired, feeling isolated. Noticing the joy and love her uncle and grandmother derived from traveling, Carrie was motivated to create Adventures Unbound in 2016, with the aim of providing additional resources for adults with disabilities to engage with their community.

At Adventures Unbound, day and overnight trips are offered to enable travelers to explore and experience new environments. These trips are facilitated by trained caregivers who provide all necessary care and supervision, ensuring an inclusive and safe environment for travelers. Currently, the organization’s travel experiences are focused in and around Texas, with aspirations to expand and offer opportunities to explore the entire country as the organization grows.

Adventures Unbound strives to break down barriers for individuals with disabilities, providing them with the means to participate in enriching and fulfilling travel experiences. Through the organization’s efforts, individuals are empowered to lead more independent and engaged lives, while families and caregivers find moments of respite and peace of mind. Carrie Windmeyer’s dedication to this cause not only transforms the lives of the individuals involved but also brings awareness to the importance of inclusion and accessibility in all aspects of society.

Carrie’s commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities through Adventures Unbound has garnered attention and admiration from the community. The organization’s impact resonates with many, inspiring a broader conversation on the significance of inclusive travel opportunities and the positive effects they can bring to individuals and their support networks.

As Carrie and Adventures Unbound work to expand their reach and offer their services to a wider audience, their vision for creating inclusive travel experiences for individuals with disabilities is gaining momentum. Through the organization’s efforts, Carrie Windmeyer is demonstrating the profound impact of providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities to engage with the world around them. Adventures Unbound stands as a testament to the power of compassion, determination, and the potential for positive change in the lives of those facing diverse challenges. Carrie’s dedication and the impact of Adventures Unbound are a shining example of the transformative difference that can be made through community-driven initiatives. To learn more about the work of Carrie Windmeyer and Adventures Unbound, visit www.AdventuresUnboundTravel.com.