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In the world of rehabilitative care, one woman is making a profound impact, breaking barriers and bringing about positive change for individuals in need. Meet Jeanne Hastings, a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) with a passion for ensuring that individuals have access to recreational therapy beyond institutional care. Jeanne’s forward-thinking approach and dedication led her to create MyRecreationTherapist.com, a platform that connects CTRS professionals with individuals seeking to continue their recreation and leisure goals post-discharge.

With over four decades of experience as a CTRS, Jeanne recognized a crucial gap in the continuum of care for individuals in rehabilitative settings. She understood that while institutions often link patients with physical and occupational therapy after their discharge, there was a significant lack of support for recreational therapy. This realization inspired Jeanne to establish her private practice about a decade ago, with a mission to address this critical gap in care.

As Jeanne built her case load, she encountered two primary challenges. The first was locating individuals in need of recreational therapy services, and the second was the extensive education required to raise awareness about the profession itself. Instead of succumbing to these hurdles, Jeanne decided to take action. She envisioned a comprehensive solution that not only connected CTRS professionals with those in need but also served as an educational hub for recreational therapy. This vision culminated in the creation of MyRecreationTherapist.com.

My Recreation Therapist.com serves as a vital tool for CTRS professionals, offering them the means to connect with consumers seeking to incorporate recreational therapy into their continuum of care. This innovative platform not only breaks down geographical barriers but also ensures that individuals, their families, and other professionals can continue their journey toward wellness and fulfillment beyond institutional care.

Furthermore, MyRecreationTherapist.com provides a wealth of educational resources about recreational therapy, driving awareness and understanding of the profession. By offering a space dedicated to education, Jeanne has empowered both professionals and consumers to make informed decisions about their recreational therapy needs and goals.

Through her unwavering dedication and innovative approach, Jeanne Hastings has transformed the landscape of recreational therapy, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for individuals post-discharge. Her vision and commitment not only empower CTRS professionals and their clients but also elevate the significance of recreational therapy within the rehabilitative care continuum.

URL: www.myrecreationtherapist.com

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