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Fernanda Cunha, a Brazilian native now residing in Canada, has a diverse background in psychology, recreation therapy, and music. With a passion for using music as a tool for therapy and connection, she works in the recreation department of a long-term care facility in Brampton, while also providing virtual and live musical experiences for various care homes and groups.

Fernanda’s dedication to using music as a means of healing and joy is evident through her work on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where she shares insights on recreation therapy and the vital role it plays in our communities. Her aim is to spread awareness about the profession and reinforce its importance in healthcare and well-being.

Fernanda’s online presence is a valuable resource for those interested in recreation therapy and the transformative power of music. Her content serves as a source of inspiration for individuals seeking to learn more about the impact of recreational activities and musical experiences on overall wellness. Through her dedication and expertise in the field, Fernanda Cunha is making a meaningful difference in the lives of those she serves and inspiring others to do the same.