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As a student in the field of recreational therapy, I’ve always been on the lookout for comprehensive resources that go beyond traditional textbooks and lectures. That’s why stumbling upon the recreation therapy instructional videos available on IUscholarworks was an absolute game-changer for me when I was a young graduate student back in 2004.

These videos may appear dated, however, they still provide useful concepts.

Created by Dr. David Austin, a former professor of recreational therapy at Indiana University, these videos are a testament to his commitment to enhancing the education and understanding of recreational therapy.

Dr. Austin recognized the need for such resources and took action, securing a federal grant to develop 23 high-quality instructional videos designed to provide in-depth insights and practical knowledge in the field.

The scope of these videos is truly impressive, covering a wide array of topics relevant to recreational therapy education. From therapeutic interventions and activity planning to understanding the psychological and physical aspects of recreational therapy, the content is not only comprehensive but also delivered in a manner that is engaging and accessible to learners.

Having been widely used by universities, it’s evident that these videos have made a significant impact within the academic community. The fact that they remain available for streaming via the Indiana University Library service, IUscholarworks, speaks volumes about their enduring value as an educational resource.

For anyone involved in the study or practice of recreational therapy, I cannot recommend these videos enough. They have not only expanded my knowledge but have also served as a source of inspiration and a catalyst for innovative approaches within the field.

Whether you’re a student looking to gain a deeper understanding of recreational therapy, an educator seeking enhanced teaching materials, or an individual passionate about the potential of recreational therapy, these instructional videos are a must-watch.

To access these groundbreaking resources, simply visit: [Recreation Therapy Instructional Videos]