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Send this email to a person in administration at your workplace to encourage them to send an email “to all employees” about recreational therapy month.

Dear [insert name of adminstraion person at your organization],

I am asking for your support in sending out an email to all staff members to raise awareness about Recreational Therapy Month and encourage everyone to take a moment to appreciate the positive impact that recreational therapy has on individuals’ lives. This simple act can help promote understanding and recognition of the importance of recreational ttherapy at our organization.

Your assistance in spreading the word about Recreational Therapy Month would be greatly appreciated, and I believe it would contribute to creating a positive and inclusive environment within our company.

Thank you for considering this request, and I look forward to celebrating Recreational Therapy Month with the entire company.

Here is the message to send to all staff:

February is Recreational Therapy Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the valuable contributions of recreational therapists and the positive impact of recreational therapy on individuals’ well-being. Recreational therapy plays a vital role in enhancing physical, emotional, and social wellness, and this month provides an opportunity to show appreciation for the professional caregivers who make a difference in the lives of others through recreation and leisure activities. Join us in celebrating Recreational Therapy Month by raising awareness and acknowledging the important work of recreational therapists at our organization.

Best regards,

[Your Name]
[Your Position]