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Title: Find the Fire: Ignite Your Inspiration and Make Work Exciting Again

Subtitle: How to Reignite Your Passion and Thrive in an Unpredictable World

Author: Scott Mautz

Year Published: 2017

Publisher: AMACOM



Find the Fire by Scott Mautz serves as a practical guide for reigniting the passion and purpose that may have been lost in the midst of the mundane and challenges of the modern work environment. The book provides actionable insights and strategies for individuals to rediscover their inspiration and enthusiasm and bring joy back into their professional and personal lives. Mautz emphasizes the importance of finding fulfillment in work and offers a roadmap for navigating the complexities of the contemporary workplace to reignite motivation.


Key Concepts:

1. Understanding Motivation: Mautz delves into the various factors that contribute to demotivation and provides a comprehensive understanding of the psychological and emotional aspects of motivation. He explores the impact of workplace disengagement on productivity and morale, offering practical insights to address these issues.


2. Finding Purpose: The book encourages readers to reflect on their values and personal missions, helping them realign their professional goals with their intrinsic motivations. Mautz emphasizes the significance of identifying purpose in work and outlines methods to uncover and cultivate a sense of purpose in one’s career.


3. Overcoming Challenges: Mautz discusses the obstacles that impede individuals from maintaining enthusiasm in their work, ranging from monotony to external pressures. By offering actionable strategies and mindset shifts, the book enables readers to confront and overcome these challenges, fostering a resilient and optimistic outlook.


4. Cultivating Inspiration: The author provides actionable steps to revitalize creativity, innovation, and passion in the workplace. By leveraging intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, Mautz equips readers with practical tools to reignite their inspiration and energy.


5. Navigating Change: Find the Fire addresses the impact of change and uncertainty in the contemporary professional landscape. Mautz offers guidance on adapting to change, embracing uncertainty, and leveraging newfound opportunities to reignite passion and motivation amidst unpredictability.


Applications for Recreational Therapists:

1. Using the book as a resource for client engagement: Recreational therapists can utilize the concepts in Find the Fire to help clients rediscover their passion and motivation. By integrating the book’s principles into therapeutic activities, therapists can assist clients in finding joy and purpose in leisure pursuits, contributing to their overall well-being.


2. Professional development and burnout prevention: Find the Fire offers recreational therapists insights into overcoming burnout and maintaining enthusiasm in their careers. Through the book’s strategies, therapists can nurture their own passion for helping others and infuse their practice with renewed energy and dedication.


3. Inspiring group activities: Recreational therapists can adapt the book’s concepts into group workshops or discussions to promote self-discovery, goal-setting, and resilience among participants. By incorporating its principles into therapeutic interventions, therapists can foster a positive and empowering environment for their clients.


4. Addressing workplace challenges: The book provides guidance for navigating workplace challenges and fostering a thriving professional environment. Recreational therapists can apply these insights to enhance team dynamics, communication, and motivation within their organizations, creating a more fulfilling and supportive workplace culture.


Overall, Find the Fire by Scott Mautz offers actionable strategies for reigniting passion and purpose both in the professional realm and personal life. Its insights can be invaluable for recreational therapists seeking to inspire their clients, rejuvenate their own professional passion, and cultivate a resilient, motivated community.