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Big business secret

Some recreational therapists want to start their own business (like a private practice) or (consulting firm) or even useful resources.

I feel that those recreational therapists (who are interested in starting a business) would love a ($1,000 lesson) for FREE! Yup – it is free.

Do NOT, and I repeat do not: order and make big payment (for a rent of space or for resources) as your first action step. That is like shooting a a gun without having a target.

Here is what to do first:

  • Do research.
  • Test the market.
  • Find out if there is a real need for what you want to offer or a super burning desire.


Imagine spending a lot of money to rent a location for a year and then getting zero clients. Big problem. Big loss of money that a person wouldn’t be able to get out.

I consider myself humble.

I’m glad to share my personal experiences on this.

My idealist goal was to get recreational therapy promotional products. I noticed there weren’t any place online selling these items.

I spent a little over $1,000 to get rec therapy month balloons, ink pens, and notepads for rec therapy month.

What did I do? I have a big problem now.

I took a poor risk.I went out there to create these items and now nobody is buying them. Now, I’m $1,000 in the hole. That is my $1,000 tip. I sold a pack of about 60 balloons. (and that is all).

I’m going to have 1,000 balloons, 1,000 notepads, and 1,000 ink pens.

Me and my thought process: No worries, I’m resilient. I can handle this and bounce back in the long run.

I just wanted other recreational therapists to have that tip.

Don’t go and print 1,000 copies of something like a t-shirt. Sell them first and then create them.

Here is the products I’m making a reference about that I created at a major loss: