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Title: The Power of Your Potential
Author: John C. Maxwell
Published: 2016
Publisher: Center Street
Danny’s Rating: 5 stars


“The Power of Your Potential: How to Break Through Your Habits” by John C. Maxwell, published in 2018, presents a powerful guide to unlocking one’s potential by breaking through limiting habits. In this insightful book, Maxwell provides valuable strategies and practical advice for elevating personal performance and achieving success. Using his signature motivational style, Maxwell intricately explores the impact of habits on our potential and offers actionable steps for transforming negative habits into positive ones. Drawing from his years of experience as a leadership expert, the author illustrates the profound influence that habits have on our lives and emphasizes the significance of taking control of them to unleash our true potential.


Maxwell’s compelling narrative, peppered with real-life examples and relatable anecdotes, makes this book an engaging and transformative read for individuals seeking personal growth and development.


Maxwell’s book, “The Power of Your Potential,” is like recreational therapy because it covers many different areas that remind me of recreational therapy. The book aligns its chapters with several recreational therapy domains, which include physical, emotional, cognitive/intellectual, interpersonal/social, and spirituality. It also looks at leadership, responsibility, developing, being intentional, maintaining a positive attitude, and having a growth mindset.


Cultural/ spiritual: John C. Maxwell is a Christian pastor.  The spiritual slant in his book is Christian focused. Not all recreational therapists or the people we provide services for are of Christian faith.