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Title: Before You Say Anything: The Untold Stories and Failproof Strategies of a Very Discreet Speechwriter
Author: Victoria Wellman
Date Published: April 2022
Rating: ★★★☆☆


Before You Say Anything by Victoria Wellman provides insight into the world of speechwriting through the experiences of a discreet and talented professional.

The author shares her strategies and stories, offering valuable lessons for those seeking to improve their speechwriting skills. Wellman discusses a list of 20 questions she uses to understand her clients’ needs, but some readers may find themselves seeking more concrete techniques for crafting effective speeches.

While the book delves into the importance of structure, audience perspective, and setting in speechwriting, it also emphasizes the significance of humor and the careful selection of words. Wellman advises against using generic adjectives and encourages the use of strong verbs and vivid nouns to create impactful imagery. She also emphasizes the power of analogies and the avoidance of clichés, while acknowledging the challenge of achieving true originality in speechwriting.


Regarding Recreational Therapy:

In addition to speechwriting strategies, the book touches on the subject of recreational therapy, with a particular focus on a personal story involving a family member’s successful journey through a nature-based treatment program for substance use. This section provides an unexpected but meaningful perspective on the potential impact of alternative therapies in addressing personal challenges.

Regarding author:

The author opposes hate speech and demonstrates cultural sensitivity while promoting inclusivity in their writing.

Personal Reflection:
Despite the valuable insights provided, some readers may find themselves lacking the confidence to apply the book’s teachings to their own speechwriting endeavors. Wellman’s expertise and approach to the craft might leave readers feeling more inclined to seek her professional services rather than attempt to write their speeches independently. While the book sheds light on various aspects of effective speechwriting, it may leave readers craving more actionable techniques and guidance to cement their confidence in crafting compelling speeches.

In essence, “Before You Say Anything” showcases Wellman’s expertise and unique approach to speechwriting while offering valuable lessons on language, structure, and originality. However, it may fall short in providing readers with the practical tools and techniques needed to confidently tackle speechwriting on their own.