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Dear Reader,

I am thrilled to share with you my ambitious resolution for 2024: I am committing to reading 100 books throughout the year. This endeavor will not only serve as a personal challenge but also as a source of valuable knowledge and wisdom that I can apply to my practice as a recreational therapist.

My goal doesn’t end with simply reading these books; I am dedicated to sharing with you brief yet insightful summaries of each book. These summaries will offer practical ideas for application, particularly within the context of recreational therapy. To make it even more engaging, I will introduce a “likeability” 5-star rating system for each book, sharing my personal thoughts and recommendations.

As a recreational therapist, I understand the significance of continuous learning and personal development. Through this reading challenge, I aim to expand my horizons and gain knowledge that will directly benefit both my professional and personal life. I believe that the themes of resilience, leadership, effective communication, personal development, and positive mindset prevalent in the books I will be reading will greatly contribute to the holistic well-being of both therapists and the clients they serve.

The books in my reading list will cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

1. Effective Communication: Books that delve into the art of communication and its application in creating meaningful therapeutic experiences.

2. Mindset Shifts: Texts that explore the power of mindset and its influence on personal growth and well-being.

3. Mentorship and Leadership: Works focusing on the role of mentorship and effective leadership in the context of recreational therapy practice.

Each book will be accompanied by a brief summary highlighting key takeaways and practical applications within the realm of recreational therapy. Alongside this, I will provide my personal likeability rating, inspiring readers to explore these books and benefit from the wisdom they offer.

I invite you to join me on this literary journey, as we embrace the joy of reading and the pursuit of knowledge. Together, let’s embark on a year filled with exploration and growth through the wisdom found within the pages of a hundred inspiring books.

Here’s to an enriching year of literary adventures!

– Danny

71 if the books on my agenda so far:

1.       10 rules for resilence – joe de sena

2.       Art of Possilbity – Rosamund Stone Zander

3.       Before you say antying – victora wellman

4.       Boss B**** Nicole Lapin

5.       Choose possilbity sukhinder singh Cassidy

6.       Creating super fans – Brittany hodan

7.       Crisis, Change and how ot lead when it matters most

8.       Culture Rules – Mark Miller

9.       Deep purpose – Ranjay G.

10.   Die empty – todd henry

11.   Do it selling – David Newman

12.   Do the impossible – Thibaut meurisse

13.   Don’t be an entrepreneur unless you play a different way – Kris Goodrich

14.   Don’t sweat the small stuff

15.   Drama Free by Nedra Tawwab

16.   Eat that Frog – Brian T.

17.   Emotionally abusive parents

18.   Exactualy what to say: Phil M Jones

19.   From failure to success: Martin Meadows

20.   Getting to yes – roger fishe

21.   How to change – Katy Milkman

22.   How to have a beautiful mind by Edward de bono

23.   How to learn almost anything – Tansel Ali

24.   How to listen – Oscar trimboli

25.   How to talk to women: ray asher

26.   I have something to say – john bowe

27.   Imposter no more – Jill Stoddard

28.   Influence – Robert C.

29.   John Maxwell –the difference maker

30.   Lanage that Leads: Kasia Wezowski

31.   Leading with heart – john baird

32.   Let’s talk – therese huston

33.   P.s. you’re a genius – Kelly trach

34.   Power of a positive mindset

35.   Presentation essentials – Anne Bruce

36.   Raise your game: Alan Stein

37.   Read people like a book – Patrick king

38.   Rest is resistance: a manifesto

39.   Self-disciplne – peter Hollins

40.   Six second stories: B. Rain Bennett

41.   Smart people build things – Andrew yang

42.   Success Principles – Jack Canfield

43.   The art of impossible – steven Kotler

44.   The art of talking to anyone – Rosalie Maggio

45.   The Artist’s Way

46.   The Big questions of life – Om Swami

47.   The courage to be disliked

48.   The elevated communicator thank for comin to my ted talk – chris Anderson

49.   The Five Regarts of Dying

50.   The greatest Mindset: Lewis Howes

51.   The greatness guide – Robin Sharma

52.   The greatness guide 2 – Robin Sharma

53.   The karma of success: Liz Tran

54.   The leaders mind – Jim Afremow

55.   The mountain is you

56.   The obstacle is the way – ryan holiday

57.   The One Thing

58.   The personal mba – josh kaufman

59.   The power of regret – Daniel Pink

60.   The power of your potential – John Maxwell

61.   The secret code of success – Noah St. John

62.   The ultimate guide to great mentorship – Scott Miller

63.   The unfair advantage by ash ali

64.   Train your mind to be successful – Sayras Montes

65.   Unstoppable Self Confidence: Andrew Leedman

66.   Up leveling: ryan Leak

67.   What are you doing with your life – J. Krishnamurti

68.   What happened do you? Bruce D. Perry

69.   When they win, you win – russ Laraway

70.   Who will cry when you die

71.   Win every argument – Mehdi Hasan