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Recreational therapists are passionate about their work for a multitude of reasons, and their dedication shines through in their responses.

We asked three social media groups on Facebook: what are things about rec therapy that you love? These three groups included: therapeutic recreation directory on fb, rec therapy today’s exclusive group, amd the RT/TR group.

What do RTS love about rec therapy?

From empowering clients to achieve new goals, fostering healing and joy, to facilitating transformative human connections, recreational therapists are making a profound impact.

They relish in witnessing the joy and newfound confidence of their clients, and take pride in seeing them accomplish things they never thought possible. Building friendships, supporting networks, and instilling a sense of purpose and self-esteem are also cited as significant rewards.

The simplicity and creativity of their work, alongside the ability to bring happiness to others on a daily basis, further motivate these compassionate professionals.

Additionally, the sense of achievement derived from helping clients connect with their passions, as well as the successful implementation of technology and virtual programs, further reinforce their love for their profession.

The therapists are also motivated by the realization that they are making a difference, even when they may not always see it themselves.

Moreover, the ability to advocate for recreational therapy, educate others about its benefits, and witness the transformative impact it has on individuals’ lives, provides them with a deep sense of fulfillment.

These heartfelt responses provide valuable insight into the meaningful and rewarding nature of recreational therapy and the deep sense of purpose it brings to those who dedicate themselves to this profession.