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About Connie Chapman:

Connie Chapman, the visionary behind “Your Art Class,” hails from Mobile, Alabama, and later settled in New Orleans. She pursued art while completing a bachelor’s degree in Elementary education with a minor in art. Chapman polished her artistic abilities through courses at Tulane, participation in art workshops, and instructing and overseeing art programs. Her artwork has graced numerous galleries and art exhibitions, evoking joy through the shared experience of her creativity. Presently, her art is showcased at the Pier House Restaurant in Orange Beach, Alabama. Chapman’s teaching experience extends to diverse environments, including rehabilitation and nursing facilities, where she witnessed the profound impact of art education. Motivated by this, she founded “Your Art Class,” offering foundational guidance, completed samples, and unwavering encouragement to aspiring artists. With a firm belief in the enriching power of art, Chapman aspires to kindle creativity in all her students.

About the program:

Step into the world of Your Art Class, where black and white beginning drawings come to life with this interactive and educational program. Each digital lesson provides a wealth of resources to spark your creativity and enhance your artistic skills. From music suggestions that complement the lesson to enrichment ideas that inspire, Your Art Class offers a holistic approach to learning art. Suitable for all ages, these engaging lessons are perfect for students, parents, and even senior citizens looking to explore their artistic side. With a simple motto of “one lesson, for one hour, once a week,” Your Art Class is designed to make art fun and accessible to everyone. So grab your supplies and embark on a journey of self-expression with Your Art Class!

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