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By: Danny Pettry

1. Gratitude Garland
  • Supplies: Construction paper, markers, string, scissors,and tape.
  • Instructions: Ask participants to write or draw things they’re grateful for on strips of construction paper. Create a garland by connecting the strips, forming a colorful chain. Hang the garland in a common area.
  • Benefits: Promotes social interaction (as participants candiscuss their gratitudes), self-expression, and creativity.
2. Thanksgiving Bingo
  • Supplies: Bingo cards (with Thanksgiving-related images or words), markers or small objects for markers.
  • Instructions: Play a game of Thanksgiving Bingo. Call out items related to Thanksgiving (e.g., turkey, pumpkin pie), and participants mark them on their cards. The first to get a line calls out “Bingo!”
  • Benefits: Encourages social interaction and intellectualstimulation.
3. Storytelling Circle
  • Supplies: A cozy seating area.
  • Instructions: Gather participants in a circle and take turns sharing Thanksgiving memories, traditions, or funny stories. Encourage active listening and responding to others’ tales.
  • Benefits: Fosters social interaction, self-expression, and intellectual functioning.
4. Handmade Thank You Cards
  • Supplies: Craft paper, markers, stickers, glue, and scissors.
  • Instructions: Have participants create thank you cards for family, friends, or caregivers. Encourage them to express their gratitude with personalized messages and artwork.
  • Benefits: Promotes fine motor skills, self-expression, and connection.
5. Thanksgiving Puzzle Time
  • Supplies: Thanksgiving-themed jigsaw puzzles.
  • Instructions: Provide Thanksgiving-themed puzzles and encourage participants to work on them together. Puzzles can be a fun and challenging group activity.
  • Benefits: Encourages intellectual stimulation and social interaction.
6. Pumpkin Painting
  • Supplies: Small pumpkins, paint, brushes, and newspapers for protection. Instructions: Allow participants to paint small pumpkins with their own designs and colors. This creative activity can be both calming and enjoyable.
  • Benefits: Promotes creativity and fine motor skills.
7. Tabletop Trivia
  • Supplies: Thanksgiving-themed trivia questions and a buzzer or bell.
  • Instructions: Organize a trivia game with Thanksgiving-themed questions. Participants can take turns answering and keeping score.
  • Benefits: Encourages intellectual stimulation and friendly competition.

8. Gratitude tree

  • Supplies: Large paper or poster board, colored paper leaves, markers, and tape.
  • Instructions: Create a Gratitude Tree on the poster board. Participants can write down what they’re thankful for on paper leaves and attach them to the tree.
  • Benefits: Promotes self-expression, social interaction, and creativity.
9. Cooking Demonstration
  • Supplies: Ingredients for a simple Thanksgiving recipe and a cooking area.
  • Instructions: Conduct a cooking demonstration whereparticipants can watch and learn how to prepare aThanksgiving dish. They can then taste the finishedproduct.
  • Benefits: Encourages connection and intellectual stimulation.
10. Group Poetry Writing
  • Supplies: Large paper, markers, and participants.
  • Instructions: Collaboratively write a Thanksgiving-themedpoem. Each participant contributes a line or phrase,creating a shared work of art.
  • Benefits: Promotes self-expression, intellectual stimulation, and social interaction

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