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In the highly-awaited 9th edition of Therapeutic Recreation Processes and Techniques: Evidence-Based Recreational Therapy by Dr. David Austin and Shay Dawson, recreational therapists are provided with a comprehensive and updated resource to enhance their practice. This book not only equips therapists with empirical evidence and theory to inform their work, but it also focuses on client-centered and strength-based approaches. With its emphasis on facilitating therapeutic recreation processes and showcasing the latest facilitation techniques, this edition highlights the importance of evidence-based practice in recreational therapy.

Reasons to Buy:

1. Evidence-Based Approach: With a theory-based and evidence-based approach, this book ensures that recreational therapists have the research-backed knowledge and skills to deliver effective interventions.


2. Comprehensive Coverage: From the essentials of recreational therapy processes to developing individualized intervention plans, the book covers crucial areas of knowledge to enhance therapists’ practice.


3. Facilitation Techniques: The book provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on research-supported facilitation techniques, enabling therapists to optimize their interventions.


4. New Chapter on Evidence-Based Practice: An added chapter explores the significance of evidence-based practice in recreational therapy and offers a step-by-step procedure for conducting it, keeping therapists up-to-date with contemporary practices.


5. Expert Authors: Dr. David R. Austin and Shay Dawson, both respected professionals in the field, bring their wealth of experience and expertise to provide therapists with valuable insights and practical guidance.


“Therapeutic Recreation Processes and Techniques: Evidence-Based Recreational Therapy” is an indispensable resource for recreational therapists seeking to elevate their practice. With its evidence-driven approach, comprehensive coverage, and insights from renowned authors, this book is a must-have for professionals in the field.


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