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Existentialism is my personal favorite type of psychology. I often wonder is there a bigger purpose? IS there a greater meaning to life? Why am I here? What are we, humans, here? I don’t know these answers yet. My best guess is to learn all we can and love all we can.

Aging, death, dying, are things that often trigger my thoughts about these questions.

David Bowie and Carrie Fisher were two triggers for me.

My aging parents are triggers for me.

My own aging (a few wrinkles, more grey hair showing up), approaching 40-years in age) is a factor.

I found this neat article that older people are wiser.

They after all, have had more life experiences.

It may take them longer to think of the answer. The author of the article below attributes that to a computer with a lot of information.

A younger person might be fast in response. Quick.

I’m not sure fast is always the best answer.

McDonald’s is fast. They are quick. The line often moves. A few weeks ago I ordered a coffee and asked for ice in it. I like lukewarm coffee myself and two or three ice cubes does the trick. McDonalds gave ma coffee that was cold and completely filled up with ice. I didn’t realize it until I was on the interstate. I drank it. I enjoyed it (even though it wasn’t what I really wanted). I would have preferred what I really wanted. I’m not complaining about McDonalds. It goes with the business.

Think about an important task. The task could be writing a list of facts. You could probably do it and get it done. However, imagine if you took your time. Did your research. Checked for typo and got it submitted. Which do you think would be better?

Many years ago ketchup had a commercial of a bottle slowly dripping catchup. It is unique.

Quick isn’t always good. There is a little magical anticipation with waiting.

Here is the article I made a reference to: