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By Danny Pettry II, M.ED., M.S., LPC, NCC, CTRS-BHS

1. Scary Story Sharing Circle
Supplies: Flashlights, spooky storybooks
Instructions: Gather participants in a circle, distribute flashlights, and take turns sharing spine-chilling tales. Encourage active listening, and allow for discussion and questions afterward.
Benefits: Increases social interaction by promoting group discussions, enhances intellectual stimulation through storytelling and listening skills, and helps regulate emotions by fostering a safe and supportive environment.

2. Pumpkin Decorating Extravaganza
Supplies: Pumpkins, markers, paints, stencils, carving tools (if applicable)
Instructions: Provide participants with the necessary supplies and let their creativity flow as they decorate or carve their own pumpkins. Encourage interaction between participants by sharing materials and offering feedback.
Benefits: Boosts social interaction by promoting collaboration and sharing ideas, stimulates intellectual senses through artistic expression and decision-making, and aids emotional regulation by providing a creative outlet.

3. Spooky Scavenger Hunt
Supplies: Clue cards, Halloween-themed prizes
Instructions: Organize a scavenger hunt by hiding clue cards throughout the venue. Participants must cooperate and communicate to solve clues and find the hidden prizes.
Benefits: Encourages social interaction through teamwork and collaboration, stimulates intellectual abilities by solving puzzles and following clues, boosts emotional regulation by fostering a sense of achievement and excitement.

4. Costume Parade and Contest
Supplies: Costumes, accessories, judging criteria
Instructions: Organize a costume parade where participants can showcase their creative outfits. As a therapist, establish judging criteria and invite participants to vote or offer positive feedback on each other’s costumes.
Benefits: Increases social interaction by providing an opportunity to share and appreciate costumes, stimulates intellectual engagement through creativity in costume design and decision-making, and helps regulate emotions through positive reinforcement and a sense of accomplishment.

5. Halloween Art Therapy
Supplies: Craft supplies (paper, glue, scissors, markers, etc.), Halloween-themed templates
Instructions: Provide participants with Halloween-themed art templates or encourage them to create their own spooky artwork using various craft supplies.
Benefits: Enhances social interaction through sharing and discussing artwork, stimulates intellectual abilities through artistic expression and creative thinking, promotes emotional regulation by providing a cathartic and expressive outlet.

6. Monster Mash Dance Party
Supplies: Halloween-themed music, dance props (optional)
Instructions: Create a festive dance party atmosphere by playing Halloween-inspired music and encouraging participants to dance and move to the rhythm. Offer dance props like masks or ribbons for added fun.
Benefits: Boosts social interaction by encouraging participants to dance and engage with one another, stimulates intellectual abilities through learning and remembering dance steps, and aids emotional regulation through the release of endorphins and stress relief.

7. Spine-Tingling Trivia Tryst
Supplies: Halloween-themed trivia questions, buzzers or bells
Instructions: Divide participants into teams and conduct a Halloween trivia game. Ask multiple-choice questions related to Halloween folklore, movies, and traditions. Use buzzers or bells for participants to answer.
Benefits: Promotes social interaction through team building and competition, stimulates intellectual abilities by testing knowledge and recall, helps regulate emotions by providing a fun and engaging activity.

8. Haunted Cookie Decorating
Supplies: Cookies, icing, edible decorations, markers
Instructions: Provide participants with plain cookies, icing, and decorations to transform them into spooky edible delights. Encourage participants to share their creations and decorate cookies together.
Benefits: Enhances social interaction through collaboration and sharing of ideas, stimulates intellectual abilities by incorporating creativity and decision-making, promotes emotional regulation by offering a fun and rewarding experience.

9. Halloween Movie Night
Supplies: Halloween-themed movies, projector or TV, popcorn
Instructions: Host a movie night featuring classic or family-friendly Halloween movies. Provide popcorn or snacks for a cozy movie-watching experience. Encourage participants to discuss and share their thoughts about the movie afterward.
Benefits: Increases social interaction through shared movie-watching experience and post-movie discussions, stimulates intellectual engagement by analyzing and reviewing the movie, aids emotional regulation by providing relaxation and enjoyment.

10. Mummy Wrap Relay Race
Supplies: Toilet paper rolls
Instructions: Divide participants into pairs or small teams. Provide each team with a roll of toilet paper and instruct them to wrap one team member as a mummy as quickly as possible. The team that finishes first wins.
Benefits: Promotes social interaction through teamwork and cooperation, stimulates intellectual abilities through strategizing and quick thinking, aids emotional regulation by fostering a sense of fun and friendly competition.

These Halloween activities for recreational therapists offer a fantastic blend of fun and therapeutic benefits. By engaging participants in social interaction, intellectual stimulation, emotional regulation, and fostering an enjoyable environment, you’ll help create memorable Halloween experiences that promote overall well-being.