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Hey there Rec Therapist friend –

Your rec therapy advocacy team (here at Rec Therapy Today) is hard at work, advocating our profession.  I feel confident that it would be an amazing giant leap for our profession if we could get chicken soup to publish a book of inspirational stories about recreational therapy outcomes.

I think it would help “Recreational Therapy” to become more of a “house-hold name” that is well known to the public.

Don’t you agree? Is that a yes or a YES?

Of course, around here we call that “preaching to the choir.” You’re already on our team of advocates.

People won’t ask you, “What is a recreational therapist?” or tell you, “no, I’ve never heard of that.” They’ll know.

Please read today’s email that your advocacy team is emailing chicken soup today AND BE SURE TO SIGN THE PETITION. We need more signatures.

You can read it here:


Sincerely, your friend, Danny.