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By: Christine Gilpen, Rec Therapy Today writer
The Therapeutic Recreation profession is feeling the difference between expectations and what students learn in school. Causing burn out, burn out is real.  It is important to gain support and provide education from other professionals on the difference between Recreation and Recreation Therapy.

Meet Kahini Ajmera from Quebec Canada

She is a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist who is looking forward to taking the certification exam. She started out as a Psychology Student an learned of Recreation Therapy due to it being offered by her university. She loved the hands on approach. On her internship she combined her love for psychology and Recreation Therapy by working in an Acute Behavioral Health Hospital with Patients who had eating disorders. On her first job she worked with out-patient recovery and dementia clientele. She recently started to feel burn out due to lack of gratification, feeling like she is doing everything, and not having an appropriate leisure budget. Through attending the recent American Therapeutic Recreation Association Conference she has started to feel  more support, and excited about the profession once again.

She offered some insight about decreasing burn out in this profession. She would like other professionals to know who Recreation Therapists are and what they really do. She would like to see this profession getting out there and going to other professional conferences unrelated to Therapeutic Recreation, offering trainings, work shops, and presentations providing information on what realistic expectations look like for Recreation Therapists.

Kahini’s Dream is to make enough money to be comfortable, and work in cohesion with other professionals. Where everyone is treated equally in the work place. She is excited to do more research for the profession and expand the Therapeutic Recreation Practice.

**This information was provided by Kahini Ajmera at the recent ATRA conference on Monday, September 12 2022 at 12:34pm, She was in agreement to share this information the Rec Therapy Today and Danny Pettry**