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Be Playful. Blog written by Danny W. Pettry II, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, CTRS

Week # 11 out of 52. Goal one blog entry every week in 2022.

Put away your smart phone and play a game (that isn’t on your phone).

So that means – no playing candy crush, angry birds, pong or whatever is popular now.

You must do one of the following 50 activities this week to add a bit of play to your life. Your age doesn’t matter. Some of them may sound childlike, but do it anyway. It might help us to stay young and fun.

  1. Play catch
  2. Play alone
  3. Play sports
  4. Play Bingo
  5. Play a song
  6. Play indoors
  7. Watch a play
  8. Play a video
  9. Play charades
  10. Play dominoes
  11. Play hopscotch
  12. Play outdoors
  13. Act in a play
  14. Play Simon Says
  15. Play the radio
  16. Play marbles
  17. Play tic-tac-toe
  18. Play with a pet
  19. Play with costumes
  20. Play a new game
  21. Play hot potato
  22. Play in the sand
  23. Play with paper
  24. Play freeze dance
  25. Play in the water
  26. Play 20 questions
  27. Play a board game
  28. Play with bubbles
  29. Play with plah-doh
  30. Play with balloons
  31. Play a card game
  32. Play at the park
  33. Play with friends
  34. Play improv comedy
  35. Play an instrument
  36. Play role-play games
  37. Play hide-and-go-seek
  38. Play rock, paper, scissors
  39. Play with home-made slime
  40. Play a game on your own
  41. Play with building blocks
  42. Play pin the tail on the donkey
  43. Play with finger paints
  44. Play with make-up
  45.  Play a game of tug of war
  46. Play a prank (just kidding—don’t do that)
  47. Play with glitter (just kidding – that’s a bad idea too). Laugh aloud.
  48. Play in the snow (yes – it snowed here in West Virginia today 3/12/2022)
  49. Play an old school video game like Atari or Nintendo. (just not on your phone).
  50. Pay Elf on the shelf (with someone besides the elf – and not your co-workers keys).


Practice Activity: Do this now:

Play Pretend. I really want you to do this.

Pretend that play didn’t exist in our world.

Imagine if it was all work and responsibilities.

No games, fun or enjoyment during our lifespan.

None of the games listed above would be in our world.

Sigh. That world sounds a dull and depressing.


Reminder: Your Goal for this Week:

Be playful in your communications with people this week.

Be easy-going, fun, and make a real connection with someone.

Be sure to play at least one of the activities listed above this week with someone you care about.

Take a photo of you playing with your family, friends, cat or community. We’ll post it at our blog.