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DannyPettry.com online training program is dedicated to professional recreational therapists.

We’re determined and persistent in helping you. And we’re definitely preferred by recreational therapists as the leader in online trainings for recreational therapists.

We’re going to be rolling out some new amazing training programs in early 2017.

We’re not going to pre-announce these training courses quiet yet. – to keep my new direct competition in the dark from copying us.

But here are some things I can tell you. I asked 2,000 recreational therapists what they wanted. We got a good turnout of answers.

  • 92% of my mailing list wanted our main program. – so we’re definitely going to offer this!
  • 57% of my mailing list wanted the second program. – so we’re going to offer this too!
  • 47.9% wanted the third program. – and we’re going to offer this too.


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