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Written by Danny Pettry, M.Ed., M.S. Weekly blog entry # 9  (goal 52 blog entries in 2022)


Worrying is the only thing I did last week. I couldn’t take myself away from the news feeds to watch updates about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

I still have that worry in the back of my mind.


Today (March 5th, 2022) – I’m feeling really happy.


What could it be?

Here are some elements:

  • A four day weekend
  • More daylight hours
  • Slept and got plenty of rest
  • Watched the new Batman movie.
  • Read book on The Power of Fun.
  • Spent time with my parents over the weekend.
  • Driving my mustang today — it was a beautiful day..
  • Hugs from my cat, Margret. (okay – my brother’s cat)
  • Hugs from my dog, (okay – my sister Carrie’s Chihuahua)
  • Completed writing the March 2022 Rec Therapy Today newsletter.
  • Received email that my friends in Ukraine (Sofia and her mother) are safe.
  • Feel really happy about the work I’m doing as a therapist in my main job.
  • Delivered birthday gifts to my nephew Ryan (6) (who had b-day on 2/21/2022) — He couldn’t stop hugging me (before opening his gifts) – which he looked super excited.