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Written by: Danny W. Pettry II

Late entry for week # 7 (Goal one blog a week for all 52 week in 2022).


Life is not fair.

Voting isn’t fair either.

Voting was made as a way to make things fair.

Voting means the majority of people favored an option.

It doesn’t mean the majority of people voted for the fair option.


Here is an example:

I’m the eldest child out of three children.

I have one younger brother Jimmy and a younger sister Carrie.

We were children during the 80s and became teenagers during the 90s.

There were times when the three of kids had to do group activities (together).

Sometimes we did activities that our parents wanted to do too. They showed fairness.

Mom loves comedies and the mall. Dad would take mom to see comedies and out to the mall. (and malls were so cool in the 80s and 90s). The food court was the best solution for a family of five.

Dad loves sports and fishing. Mom isn’t a huge fan of either, but she’ll go to baseball games, basketball games, and fishing on the boat.


Voting appears to be the right thing to do.

However, two (2) brothers can easily out-vote one (1) sister.

Example: Will we go to see Star Wars or the My Little Pony movie this weekend?

Naturally, it wouldn’t be fair if the brothers always outvoted their little sister 2-1 on things.

My sister Carrie identifies as a tomboy. She’d play in the creek and catch frogs with us. She drives Jeeps.

I wonder if this was biological or if she developed this way due to having two older brothers.


Fairness is needed.

Voting doesn’t make it fair.

We did things my sister wanted to do growing up too.

In example:

My dad would take us to feed small green June apples to the horses in the field (because my sister loved horses). Sometimes mom would come along too.

My sister selected movies from time to time. I can recall having the Little Mermaid running on television a lot. We watched all of the Beethoven (a big dog) movies that my sister wanted.

Sometimes Carrie would pick the restraint that our family would eat at.

Social psychology experiments have shown that people will select the wrong answer (knowing it is wrong) if everyone else in the room (group) selected the wrong answer. The lone individual wouldn’t want to look odd for picking a different answer.


So what?

The world isn’t fair. Voting isn’t fair. Life isn’t fair.

Do my best to be fair anyway. Learn and practice ethics.