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Meagan Young, CTRS and operator of (Grow through Flow) webiste  posted at her instagram page a list of 12 books she plans to read in 2022.

Danny Pettry here. I’m following Meagan’s lead. I’ll be reading these books in 2022 too.

You’re invited to read these books with us.

It’s an unofficial Recreation Therapist (RT) book club.

Here is the list that Meagan created:

  • January: The One Thing
  • February: Essentialism
  • March: The Power of Fun
  • April: It’s Not Always Depression
  • May: Profit First
  • June: Deep Work
  • July: Joyful
  • August: Set Boundaries: Find Peace
  • September: I Will Teach You How to Get Rich
  • October: How to Take Smart Notes
  • November: The Courage to be Disliked
  • December: The Courage to Be Happy


Danny Pettry: I’ve previously “Deep Work.” It’s a book I highly recommend for people who want to create and make things.

Goal: Post one book review per month. These books reviews with have an emphasis for the Recreation Therapist audience.