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The following people won prizes from Rec Therapy Today® for our August 2021 Giveaway.

No purchase is ever required for our contests. Purchase doesn’t increase odds of winning.

The following eight (8) people won A Coloring Journal

  1. Bailey R., from Greenwood, Indiana
  2. Julie H., from Wyoming, Michigan
  3. Allicia W., from Oakland, California
  4. Mandy B,. from Batesville, Indiana
  5. Lindsey B., from Germantown, Maryland
  6. Mashonda T., from Raeford, North Carolina
  7. Merriyt K., from Greenville, South Carolina
  8. Tiffany O., from Farmington Hills, Michigan


The following three (3) people won a ten dollar ($10 amazon gift card) and a Coloring Journal!

  1. Shirley Willis, Richmond, Kentucky
  2. Jodi D., from Sumter, South Carolina
  3. Christel P. from Carmichael, California



The following individual won the 50 clock hour CEU bundle from Rec Therapy Today; a $25 amazon gift card; and a coloring journal

  • Jessica I., from Durhma, North Carolina

Do YOU want to be a Real Winner in Life?

Chance favors those people who are prepared.

Two people have an opportunity to win a competition.

Person one doesn’t do anything, but hopes, wishes, and dreams about winning.

The second person makes a decision to win. She practices and puts in effort for one full year prior to the competition.

Which person do think is going to be lucky winner? There is a small change the person who doesn’t practice all year could win. However, the odds are leaning mostly towards the person who has putting in time, effort, dedication and practice.

Here is my [Danny Pettry’s] philosophy on success.

Continue your education. Continue your career. Continue your success.

My favorite motivational speaker, the late Jim Rhon said, “for things to get better, you must get better.”

Those people who are serious about learning, growing, and achieving success are encouraged to take a self-study CEU course through Rec Therapy Today. 

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