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My online program, DannyPettry.com will turn 10-years-old in 2017! I got the idea in late 2006 after a mix of things like watchingThe Secret DVD, reading Napoleon Hills book, graduating with a master’s degree from Indiana University.

I own a lot of my help to my mentor and fellow West Virginian Charlie Dixon (who operates the TR Directory online). He has always been real supportive when I was operating my TeachLeisure education resources program prior to DannyPettry.com. Charlie told me once – find something that my site (his TR Direcotry) doesn’t offer and offer that service. He didn’t have any single self-study CEU program at that time listed. We once talked at a West Virginia Therapeutic Recreation Association about the lack of online sites for Recreational Therapists. I found it interesting that two of the most active site developers were both from West Virginia.

I took a business training course in early 2007 to learn how to start my program.

I feel very proud and accomplished that I’ve been in business this long!

You’re Invited to my PaRTy!


  • I’ll be having a decade party in my hometown of Huntington, West Virginia sometime in spring 2017. We’re having a large cake and balloons and all that.
  • You’re invited, but I know it is a long trip for you. It will be on a Saturday. More updates to come.
  • Giving back to the community: I’m going to provide a free presentation on business start-up too to help give back to my local community.
  • Details about this special event will be released in 2017.

My site, DannyPettry.com is the leader in online CEUs for recreational therapists.


I’ve heard that only 5% of businesses make it beyond the 10-year-mark.

We’re doing it. We’re succeeding. And we’re leading the path. I’ve noticed new CEU programs have been founded recently in the last year or two. Some of those sites have copied text from my site word-for-word. It felt irritated at that at first, but then realized, leaders have followers. They follow us, but again, we’re the leader.

If you’re ready to invest in your own your potential as a recreational therapist then simply head over to my site for online training program here: