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We asked people to share comments and feedback regarding our Rec Therapy Today – Spring 2021 Teleconference.

Here are their responses:

  1. BRAVO
  2. Cheers
  3. Great!
  4. Thanks
  5. Love  it
  6. Thank you
  7. thank you
  8. great job!
  9. Thank you!
  10. Thank you!
  11. great job!
  12. Thank you!
  13. thank you!
  14. great job!
  15. Great topic
  16. thank you!
  17. A blessing!
  18. Very good 👍
  19. It is great
  20. Thank you!
  21. good session
  22. Great program
  23. It is great 😊
  24. Free ceu’s rock!
  25. Loving it so far!
  26. Love these sessions
  27. Greatly appreciated!
  28. Wonderful job Danny!
  29. So grateful for today
  30. Appreciate the slides!
  31. Thanks for doing this.
  32. You are a CEU lifesaver!
  33. first time participating
  34. You are a CEU lifesaver!
  35. Great educational series!
  36. Enjoyed the presentation
  37. All good presenters-info.
  38. appreciate these webinars
  39. Thank you for doing these
  40. Thank for having sessions.
  41. Thank you!  Awesome course.
  42. Thanks for this opportunity!
  43. Very informative, thank you!
  44. Enjoyed the topic. Thank you!
  45. Thank you for all you do Danny!
  46. Thankful it was on the weekend.
  47. Thank you for what you do Danny.
  48. I always enjoy these! Thank you!
  49. Very useful information. Thanks
  50. Love the remote learning aspects.
  51. Loved this opportunity, thank you
  52. Great program!  Very informative!
  53. Thank you for organizing this event
  54. Such a great way to keep learning.
  55. Thankful for the free session Danny.
  56. Love It! Keep up the excellent work!
  57. Thank you for providing this webinar!
  58. good selection of speakers and topics
  59. As well as, relatable and informative.
  60. Thank you for providing this program.
  61. Thank you so much for organizing today!
  62. Thank you for providing this conference!
  63. great learning experience, Thank you , Denny!
  64. thank you Danny for the free ceu opportunity.
  65. appreciate the variety in today’s presentations
  66. User friendly tool for online education courses.
  67. Thank you Danny for providing these opportunities
  68. So thankful for Danny Pettry and this conference.
  69. Thank you for this opportunity. What a great day!
  70. There’s a lot of versatility in today’s webinars.
  71. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!!!!
  72. Thanks. Really want to attend in person sessions .
  73. Fantastic opportunity! Thank you for creating this
  74. Thanks for this wonderful free webinar opportunity
  75. Excellent session. Thanks for sharing this with me!
  76. So appreciate all you do Danny at Rec Therapy Today
  77. I forgot to put country in the first slide… Canada.
  78. Appreciated this session in particular. Very helpful.
  79. It’s a blessing to me during this time of craziness.
  80. Always like finding out about learning opportunities.
  81. Thank you so much for offering Free CEU opportunities!
  82. I appreciate Danny for putting the webinars together.
  83. The free offering and convenience is much appreciated.
  84. Refreshing program! Wonderful culmination of speakers
  85. You provide a great variety of speakers on great topics.
  86. Very well laid out and nice to be able to do this for free!
  87. Danny, thanks again for making these CEU sessions available.
  88. Great way to know about future continuing education opportunities.
  89. Thank you , Danny for putting the Webinar together. Great presenters
  90. Great way for a  busy CTRS to earn educational and informative CEUs.
  91. Great-summer idea  also=please no earlier than 830am TX time (Central)
  92. This is the first time I have utilized this. I really enjoyed the day.
  93. I appreciate the opportunity for free CEU’s during this difficult time
  94. my employer does not reimburse or pay for CEU’s; so this was so awesome!
  95. Appreciate the weekend opportunity free of charge. So thankful for this!
  96. Thank you for  the  great opportunity to participate  in this conference!
  97. I appreciate your continuing education programs! Thank you for what you do!
  98. Software, Word processing software, tablet, laminate, photos, symbol sticks
  99. Nice to have reminders on what’s important and things to think about in TR.
  100. I appreciate that it was a webinar and it was FREE! I don’t have the funds and
  101. The virtual sessions were a great opportunity for continued learning. Thank you
  102. I love these conferences. Danny is so wonderful to provide these opportunities.
  103. I am gradual to Rec Therapy Today  to their dedication to continuing education.
  104. Superb to learn at home during pandemic and when things are safe during good times!
  105. Appreciate the frog pun, made me smile.  Also, the personal examples used throughout presention.
  106. Thank you so much for making this available and free during these financially challenging times.
  107. I appreciate that this continuing education program is available.  Thanks for all your hard work.  X
  108. I cant thank you enough for arranging this opportunity.  This has been amazing ! Please offer more !!!!!!!
  109. This is the second course that I have taken and am loving the information and the simplicity of them at home.
  110. I’m grateful for the free, online opportunity to pursue my CEUs in RT while still in the pandemic.  Thank you!
  111. you are great Danny!  You make learning fun and provide a great resource for us RTs to connect with other RTs.
  112. I am going to tell my peers of theses session in hopes that they will become interested and seek the recordings.
  113. Thank you for providing this conference. As a per Diem staff, I am not able to afford/attend fee based conference.
  114. First time user!  Appreciate the effort to keep info going during this time of restricted educational opportunities.
  115. I have been ecstatic to be able to attend  these sessions and have been thinking how I can give back to this generosity.
  116. Very grateful  to have the opportunity to participate in the event. I have never participated in something like this before.
  117. Maybe some education sessions on the right tools (assessment) for the right job (population/what you are trying to find out)
  118. I love to hear about the opportunities that Rec Therapy Today presents, I find there is a good amount and I appreciate the variety.
  119. I do not need a copy of Dr. Austin’s book as I am a part-time RT student and imagine another RT could use it more than me. Thanks anyway
  120. I really like and truly appreciate the format and the ease of use for continuing education that I am finding through Rec Therapy Today.
  121. super grateful for the opportunity for free CEUs!!! It makes maintaining a credential and staying up to date much easier with a tight budget!
  122. Danny always has a good program of continuing education for the rec therapist new and old. Lots of options for lots of areas of specializations.
  123. Danny I really appreciate your willingness to have these webinars for RTs! Your sessions are always well organized and so very helpful! Keep it up!
  124. Today’s seminars were very convenient — online seminars are a great help to people who are unable to travel out of state to conferences.  Thank you!
  125. This Spring conference is a great idea,  you have a diverse set of topics.  The continuing ed program is really helpful for the TR professional. Thanks
  126. This is the 3rd session I’ve participated in.  I am impressed with your speakers and the variety of your sessions.  Valuable info presented in each one.
  127. This was a wonderful program that really recharged my gratitude battery!  I am so excited to learn more using the provided resources and share with everyone!
  128. Thank you so much for offering this continuing Ed conference. It is very beneficial for all CTRS’, especially those who are new to the process, such as myself.
  129. Always great choices for a variety of populations.  Nice to see the spring conference here.  Thanks for setting it up for us, I appreciate the CEU opportunities.
  130. I got mixed up cause 1 place said eastern and another central-but I thought it started at 830 Central-guess it was eastern in the end (made 30 mins of 1st session)
  131. This has been a great way for me to find the time to earn continuing education credits. The topics have all been great so far- I have enjoyed being a part of  Rec Therapy Today!
  132. Thanks for doing this.  I always tell my therapy friends.  Yes Danny is legit and his free ceus is not a scam.  A couple of my friends could not believe that you would do this.
  133. Thank yo, Danny for offering this webinar.  I have heard alot of great things about you and your program throughout the years, but have never attended until now.  Thank you again.
  134. Thank you Danny for making this possible. This is a bright spot in this pandemic. Appreciate ability to gain knowledge, energize my practice in these stressful times. Best wishes!
  135. Thank you Danny it was so cool to see a presentation by David Austin. I would use his books back in the early 90’s when I had papers to write for my recreation and therapeutic recreation classes.
  136. I appreciate Rec Therapy Today’s  hard work and dedication to the continuing education of individuals  in the recreation therapy field. The host is always professional and optimistic which improve the experience.
  137. Thank you for hosting this wonderful conference for us, for free!  I am very pleased with how well the technology overall has worked so smoothly (email reminders, presenters knowing how to use the buttons, the system being easy to log in (way easier than zoo!) the auto send of CEU certificate, etc.) Such a great job, thank you again!