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Life happens.

Sometimes we move.

Perhaps you’re moving to a new city or state.

You’re a qualified recreational therapist without a position.


Here are some tips of landing that new position.

  • Go on all of the recreational therapy social media pages. Reach out and post that you’re looking for a position in that town or state. Post on several pages because there are different pages.


  • Go to the state branch of ATRA for your location. In example: New York, California, Virginia. Ask everyone you can get in touch with at the association about any known positions.


  • Be persistent. Perhaps you take a position in another field for a while. At least you’ll be employed and making money. But keep your eye on the prize.


  • Reach out to facilities that you’d like to work at. Ask their human resources who makes the hiring decision. It may be a program director or program coordinator. It could be a number of people who make the decision. Get in touch with all of their staff. Volunteer to help for projects. Make sure they know who you are and that you are up and ready to work when a position comes upon.


Be sure to check positions at Rec Therapy Today from time to time as well.

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