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Cognitive behavior therapist teach a connection between our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) provided by trained professionals is an evidenced-based practice for treating depression and anxiety.

Example: 1:

  • Unhealthy thought: I’m no good. I might as well quiet. I’ll never get better
  • Results in feeling: hopeless
  • Results in behaving: Moping around. Whining, complaining, and avoiding any effort.

Example 2:

  • Healthier thought: I am getting better each and every day in each and every way
  • Results in feeling: confident, determined
  • Results in behaving: putting in practice and effort.


However, it doesn’t have to start with the thoughts.

Research shows that it can start with the behavior too.

People who were smiling (behaving like they were happy) described more pleasure when hearing jokes compared to those people who were not smiling.

How did they get the treatment group to smile?

The had them put a pencil in their mouth which forced a smile (like the image shown with this blog post).


and be authentically happy. It will help.


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