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Guest blog entry submitted by Sheila Johnson

Be Intentional with Your Practice

It’s easy to get caught up in performing yoga as exercise. You may feel that after your session—be it 10 minutes or an hour—you’ve accomplished enough exercise for the day. The thing is that yoga is about more than just fitness.

Being mindful is a key component in any successful and rewarding yoga experience. There are even new methods of combining yoga with mindfulness for enhanced benefits, says Positive Psychology.

So, one way to boost your yoga skills is by establishing a weekly or monthly goal. Maybe you want to master a new and challenging pose. Or perhaps you’re hoping to boost your mental exercise, too. Think about learning to meditate and adding it to your routine to find a deeper focus and inspiration.

Either way, choose an intention or goal and stick with it. Track your intentions on a goal-tracking app or calendar to stay accountable. You’ll find that little nudge can be just the motivation you need to keep your focus and maintain steady progress for your at-home practice.

Amp Up Your Yoga Routine with Equipment

Using technology to bolster your workout is an ideal strategy for an at-home yoga practice. Fitness trackers are everywhere, and they can monitor your heart rate, elapsed exercise time, and more. Streaming devices are another upgrade option—you can download or stream yoga instruction from your home. Even smart speakers can offer an amped-up yoga session, as you enjoy your favorite music while holding every pose.

Thankfully, tech doesn’t have to be expensive, either, if you know where to look. With online retailers like Lenovo offering low prices, you can get any number of gadgets to support your yoga habit and still come in under budget. Top it off with a Lenovo coupon or promo code, and you’re sure to snag some deals you can feel good about.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

With flawless images of gorgeous yogis coming at you from every angle, it’s sometimes tough to feel confident. From social media to health and wellness sites that feature perfectly coiffed models and fancy gear, it’s hard to compete. Understanding that yoga on social media is essentially a business can help you keep perspective.

And the fact is that those models are just that—models—and they’re showing off an aesthetic that’s unattainable for most average folks. At the same time, you’re not average—you are unique and possess your own strengths. There’s no shame in embracing who you are and what you’re capable of doing. With that in mind, practicing yoga from home gives you the opportunity to avoid comparing yourself to others. Instead, you can just focus on your practice and building yourself up.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

You might have gotten into a rut of doing the same moves, day after day. Maybe you’re practicing in the same spot in your home each day. Breaking habits—and forming new ones—can be an enormous task. Science Daily explains it can take time and effort to develop new habits. But whatever your rut is, get a little uncomfortable and leave that zone.

Challenging yourself can lead to exceptional growth in both your yoga prowess and everyday life. After all, one significant benefit of a fitness routine is that it helps enhance your confidence and promote a healthy body image. And yoga is an excellent tool for releasing endorphins and relieving stress, too.

Leave your worries behind and grow into yourself—while sticking with your personal goals for your yoga practice. The more excited you are about your daily yoga habits, the more effective they will become. In no time, you’ll find that you can elevate your practice at home, and your experience will be far more rewarding and renewing than you could have imagined.

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