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Meet Tori DeFazio, MS, CTRS

She earned a M.S. in Recreation therapy from Temple University in May 2019.

She earned her undergraduate degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Temple University in May 2017.
She shared with us:
I fell in love with Recreational Therapy after working at Bradford Woods, a recreational therapy camp for children, adolescents, and adults with disabilities, during the summer of 2015. I have worked as a Recreational Therapist in a Skilled Nursing Facility (where I helped to show how valuable Recreational Therapists are in End of Live Care), an inpatient pediatric rehabilitation hospital, and I currently work in a residential medical/behavioral hospital for children and adolescents. Recreational Therapy is not just my job, it is my passion. 

About Recreational Therapy Memes

Tori created @RecreationalTherapyMemes Instagram page in June of 2019 after a particularly challenging day. She was frustrated with the lack of respect and support Recreational Therapists and wanted to create a way to highlight the field by using humor (Humor is my personal coping mechanism, so whenever I can use it as a RT I do. It seemed fitting to also use it to advocate for our field!).

She reached out to some CTRS friends and they encouraged me to create memes that highlight our experiences. Since June, she’s created and posted over 49 memes with the intention of creating a supportive community of Recreational Therapists. 

She also started “LIVE” events on her Instagram page to talk about the practice of RT, creative interventions, and to continue discussions on how best to support our fellow RTs.

In March of 2020, she decided to grow @RecreationalTherapyMemes and created a Facebook page with the hopes of reaching more Recreational Therapists.

She shared:

My dream is for @RecreationalTherapyMemes to become a safe and welcoming space for Recreational Therapists to collaborate, offer advice, and support each other. 

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