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Spring 2020 TeleConference Evlauation

The majority of participants rated each presenter’s session as a “5” on a scale of 1 to 5. 

Individual sessions were evaluated. We’re not posting individual session scores.

Overall Conference Evaluation

Response Percentage
5 55.32%
4 31.91%
(no attempt) 6.38%
4.5 4.26%
3 2.13%

What did you learn or gain from this conference:

I took away a little from each session

Learned a lot about visual impairments

The aquatics class was interesting since I work with that population

Loved the yoga session and learning techniques to help with anxiety and stress!

I thought all the speakers had useful information. The research was very interesting.

I learned new techniques for senior chair yoga I also learned reminiscing with photos

Got quite a bit of information in the PQoL presentation and the session about stacking activities

Ways to use yoga in sessions and various different modalities to use with the geriatric population.

The techniques for encouraging kids in the pool were great. I liked the encouraging grattitude ideas.

How to utilize yoga techniques in my work and how to help seniors feel more gratitude in their lives.

How to address residents needs in all areas of the covered topics. An overview of how to work with staff and relate to them..

Many great things and great topics! We learned self-care techniques and useful information/programming we can use with our clients!

I got tons of great tips for working specifically with seniors that I can implement immediately once 1:1 and small group activities resume.

I learned a great deal about all the topics. It was interesting to hear about the different topics and ways that CTRS’s work in their field.

New ideas for structuring programming for residents with dementia, really can use the meditation and yoga right now for residents and staff.

I learned a lot of different strategies/techniques pertaining different aspects of RT. I also gained information I can incorporate into my job

I got some great program ideas and a sense of support that I am not the only RecT experiencing high work volumes and expectations with little time and staff

I enjoyed the different approaches to the modalities that each presenter had. I learned a few variations to what I currently do which will be super helpful.

I loved learning about areas outside of my own community recreation field. I learned many different tools that i can incorporate in ALL aspects of programming!

There was a nice variety of activities to bring back to work with me. I really learned a lot about gratitude and the benefits of focusing more on that in groups.

A nice variety of discussions!! Informative and nicely presented. I did like having the webinar at home!! Didn’t have to drive an hour to get there!! Convenient!!

I learned more in depth about yoga and considered how great of an intervention it can be for many of my residents. I learned about PQoL and how crucial this is in my line of work.

Learned some excellent strategies and techniques for aquatic therapy for children with Autism. Also learned how to acquire and keep mindset of gratitude, which can be applied during work to help avoid burnout.

Really enjoyed the techniques on working with folks with low attention span as well as working with people in the water. Each session had information that was informative. The yoga was very nice in the middle of the day. 🙂

The specific therapeutic techniques for visual impairments were great! It will be very helpful in my job. I loved the way the adaptive aquatics presentation was made. It was very easy to understand the techniques and approaches.

a new visual diagnosis and condition I was not aware of many good resources were provided by the aquatics and gratitude presenters the concept of “stacking” to address short attention span techniques for children with autism in the water

I learned additional relaxation techniques to practice during my relaxation program. I learned various ways to incorporate gratitude in programming. It was very interesting to learn about the aquatics session. I gained knowledge from all 6 sessions.

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Post any final comments about the overall conference:

Responses received:

Thank you

It was a good conference

Thank you for coordinating.

Great job and thanks for setting this up

Great conference. I’ve happy I signed up.

Like to see webinars on Behavioral Health.

Thank you so much for doing this conference!

Thank you for putting the conference together!!

Keep up the excellent work Danny ! We need you🌞 Brian

Great sessions. I appreciated this was held on a Saturday.

Thank you Danny for offering this opportunity! It is appreciated!

Sound cut out entirely for the final 2/3’s of the last presentation

Thank you for the opportunity to access this information in these difficult times

Thank you Danny 😊 👍 for a great virtual conference and awesome learning experience!

I believe the sessions would be more interactive if all of the presenters were on webcam.

I am very much looking forward to the replays of the sessions I missed due to being at my job!

I think there should be at least 30 minutes between each session. The 15 minute breaks felt rushed.

I am glad to have had the opportunity to earn continuing education hours at my home. I would attend again.

I had trouble with the Webinar, getting connected but I think it might have been my inexperience with this.

Great Spring Conference overall!! Thank you for your hard work to keep this going for therapist during this time!!

Thank you, Danny and all of the other presenters for taking time to continue to educate us during the current pandemic.

This conference was a fantastic learning experience for me, and a wonderful way to earn CEUs when an in-person conference is not possible at this time.

I really liked this webinar! This was my first time earning CEUs from Rec Therapy Today and I had a great experience while learning a lot about our field.

Would be nice if the comments went directly to presenter so they could respond while they are presenting to make more of a dialogue and interactive. I totally understand how tricky technology is so this may not be possible.

I think these webinars are very beneficial by helping getting the main points across. We should defiantly have more webinars like today because I would defiantly be an attendee. Today was nothing but a good experience for me!

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