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Danny Pettry is a Certified Success Principles Trainer through Jack Canfield’s organization.

This is week # 14 out of the 52 weeks in 2020.

This week’s success principle is:

Learn into it

Sticking your toe in the pool water is an easy way to lean into it.

Jumping in cannonball style is just too much too fast. You can’t take it back.


Learning into things is a great way to “test the water” to see if it is right for you.


Imagine a doctor recommending a person with obesity to drink one two-liter of Mt. Dew a day.

That might sound shocking to someone. How could a doctor recommend something like that?

The truth is the man in this scenario drinks four two-liters a day. It is unhealthy. The doctor wants the man to stop this habit .

The doctor in this situation isn’t recommending the person to completely quit because that is just too much too fast for a person with a habit.

the doctor is suggesting just one (as a little step) towards success. The person leans into it.

The doctor recommends him to refill the bottle with water once he drinks the one two-liter.

Eventually – the man works himself down to a can of Mt. Dew a day – which is far better from drinking four two-liters day.


How Rec Therapy Today uses the principle

Rec Therapy Today is an online continuing education program for recreational therapists.

We’ve been helping those RTs with the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) credential to earn CEUs to renew their national certification (and/ or state license) since 2007.

At first, people in 2007 were skeptical about taking an online class. They were uncertain. Will this count? Is this legit?

We provided people with free samples. Everyone received a free one-clock-hour course to try it out. We’ve offered many free webinars for RTS over the last few years as well. This was to help people to lean into it. Try it out. We knew that once they tried it, they’d love it and come back for more.

I learned this tip from my four and a half years working at a Chick-fil-A. They gave out samples.  People would walk by the store. We’d have a plate with sample chicken nugget on toothpicks. We’d offer people a sample so they could lean into it and try it out. Most people loved it. Some of them got right in line to order more. A few people didn’t like it. And that is okay too. People have different tastes and preferences.

Even today — here at Rec Therapy Today —  we’re not asking a person who’s never heard of us to invest all their money on our courses (something t they’ve never tried before.) We encourage people to try before they buy to learn into it.

They can take free courses.

How you can use this principle in your own life:

Jumping in 100% might be too much.

Imagine a person (who has never read the Harry Potter series) thinks she might enjoy these books.

So she goes out and buys the complete series of books and DVDS. That will probably cost her several hundred dollars.

Imagine if she didn’t enjoy the first book. Oh no.

A successful way is to lean into it buy reading just one book. Get it free from the library. and if she enjoys it, continue.


Would you…

Send someone $50K for a car that you’ve never seen before? Probably not.

If you said yes then please send me the $50K note and I’ll get an automobile to you. (laugh aloud).

No way. that is too risky for anyone.

The best way is to lean into it. Find out what kind of car it is. Talk to people who drive that car. Go look at it. Take a test drive. Learn into it.



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Final Thoughts:

You might not know you’d enjoy an activity or project if you’ve never been introduced to it or if you’ve never tried it before.

People often stick with the status quo, doing what they’ve always did.

Success takes action steps that are new and challenging.

Perhaps you want to write a book — step into it by writing an outline and then writing more, and hiring a coach, and then hire an editor and so on.

Perhaps you want to run a marathon. — start off small by taking a walk around the block first. Of course, talk to a physician/ dietitian before starting an exercise program.

Learn into it by taking just one small step.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step — Lao Tzu  

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