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Hey there Rec Therapist —

I hope you’re doing well during this crazy time!


If you’re currently self-isolating at home (like I am), you’re probably coming to terms with the fact that you’re about to be spending a lot more time at home for the foreseeable future.


It is a challenging time, for sure.


But here’s the thing about challenges —


They are meant to be met and overcome. 


The challenges we encounter in life are what force us to grow.


They are opportunities for us to rise up and discover what we are truly capable of achieving!


So, once you’ve come to terms with our new reality, I encourage you to see it as a time of opportunity.

Because here’s the deal:


YOU have the power to decide what you want the next few weeks or months to look like.


You can sit on the couch, glued to the news and paralyzed with fear.


Or you can step up and rise to the challenge! 


And here’s the thing that will make it easy for you to do just that…


My good friend Jack Canfield—America’s leading success coach and originator of Chicken Soup for the Soul—recently created the ultimate companion guide to his groundbreaking New York Times bestseller, The Success Principles.


The Success Principles Workbook walks you step by step through the process of getting from where you are now to where you want to be in life.


It tells you exactly what to do… when to do it… why to do it… and how to take action that gets powerful results.


And if you grab your copy now, you’ll get FREE access to a live masterclass with Jack plus 10 weeks of video training to help you put his principles into action!


Learn more and grab your copy here. 


The Ultimate Road Map to Getting the Life You Want


The Success Principles Workbook gives you the actual planning tools, charts, mind-maps, action items, and other resources you need to quickly reach your goals.


It’s like having your own personal GPS navigation—taking you from your current situation to your desired reality without wasting time or detouring around roadblocks.


Plus, for a limited time, Jack’s willing to coach you through the process—starting with an online masterclass on April 2nd then continuing via a powerful 10-week video course delivered to your inbox every week!


I can’t think of any process that so quickly puts you back in control of getting the life you want.


And, because Jack is the master at teaching the art and science of success, I know you’ll be in good hands when you follow his proven road map.


Best of all, you can buy The Success Principles Workbook online right now and immediately start working on creating your ideal future—guided by the Workbook and by Jack’s weekly coaching, advice and accountability.


There really is no better time than now to unlock your full potential for success and learn how to get better results in everything you do.


Are you ready to rise to the challenge?

YES — I’m ready. I want this book NOW!


Best wishes

Your friend and partner in Rec Therapy,

Danny Pettry


P.S. Getting Jack’s live coaching, plus 10 weeks of video training, in addition to the Workbook is a HUGE opportunity to get the tools and support you need to thrive no matter WHAT is happening in the world right now. It’s time to unlock your full potential and become your best self.


YES — I’m ready. I want this book NOW!