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Danny Pettry is a Certified Success Principles Trainer through Jack Canfield’s organization.

This is week # 11 out of the 52 weeks in 2020.

This week’s success principle is:

See What You Want — Get What You See

Bob Proctor is one of my favorite motivational speakers.

Bob Proctor is also featured in The Secret [DVD] that was one of the several elements that inspired me to create online CEUs for Rec Therapists way back in 2006.

Bob Proctor says, “If you can see it in your mind, then you can hold it in your hand.”

Proctor is talking about visualization and believing that it is possible.

Perhaps you’ve already visualized things into reality.

For couples: did you visualize yourself with this person before you decided to form a relationship?

For college graduates: did you visualize yourself with your college degree before you graduated college?

For employees: did you visualize yourself working as a recreational therapist before you become a recreational therapist?

How to use this principle:

Visualize yourself having already met your goal before you go to sleep tonight.

This is a daydreaming exercise.

Visualize yourself fully in the moment of achieving your goal.

Use all five senses.

What do you see?

What do you smell?

What do you hear?

What can you taste?

What can you touch?

Feel the emotions that go along with your goal too. Feel as if you have really reached your goal. How does it feel?


Personal story from Danny Pettry

I bought a success journal in 2006 after watching The Secret.

I cut out pictures of the car I wanted to drive.

It was a silver mustang. I had wanted a mustang since the mid-90s after seeing one in an Aereosmith video on MTV.

I’d drive to work in my in my 2000 car that was going on seven years old. I’d pretend I was driving the car I wanted to drive. I’d pretend it had that new car smell. I’d pretend to feel the excitement and enjoyment of reaching my goal.

In 2013, I realized it was time to get a new car. I got a Kia. I don’t even know why I did that. I just did. it. I bought a Kia.   The Kia was nice, It was lovely, but it wasn’t my dream car. I knew what I really wanted.

In 2015, (ten years) after my vision book. I did it. I went and purchased that mustang that I always wanted.

Visualization. Belief, and Action does it.




Here is a picture of me that I used to help me visualize being a teacher/ trainer/ speaker in front of large groups.











Picture of me being awarded a Canfield Certified Trainer to teach success principles:








I am a certified trainer. I’m available for hire for webinars or live talks for your organization.

Here are some examples of this technique:

  • Walt Disney visualized Disneyland in his head before he ever created it.
  • Steve Jobs visualized the ipod, iphone, and ipad before he created it.
  • Michael Crichton visualized his novel, Jurrassic Park, before he created it.
  • The Duffer brothers visualized Stranger Things, before they created it.
  • Marc Randolph visualized Netflix (DVD rental by mail) before they created it.
  • Joseph Strauss visualized the Golden Gate Bridge in his mind before he created it.
  • J.K. Rowling visualized the magical world of Harry Potter before she created it.
  • Elizabeth Magie visualized Monopoly (board game) before she created it.
  • I imagine that even Rosa Parks visualized sitting in her chair one of these days and refusing to get up for a person because he was white way before she ever did it.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. described his vision in his “I Have a Dream” speech. People felt emotions with his speech.

Humor Time:





It is best to visualize what you WANT to have happen.

Avoid visualizing the worst case scenarios. That will cause distress. Visualizing yourself in a crash or bankrupt or lonely for life are counterproductive visualizations.

Visualize success. Visualize health and wellness. Visualize feeling happy and grateful.

Quick Video with Danny Pettry:


Final Thoughts:

.Know what you want.

Believe it is possible and believe it is possible for you.

Visualize yourself as already having accomplished your goal.

Imagine all five senses while daydreaming about reaching your goal.

Make your imagination so real that you can feel the emotions associated with reaching your goal.

You’ve got this.



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