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Dr. David Austin was my professor in graduate school at Indiana University.  I was in his last graduate glass he taught before he retired. — Danny Pettry.

Dr. Austin recent shared: 

As I was preparing a talk to deliver at Indiana State University I was struck by how many current and critical topics are covered in the book Perspectives on Recreational Therapy that Bryan McCormick and I co-edited.

The book was prepared largely for RT trends and issues courses but contains much information that practitioners can apply in their practices.

Some crucial practice related topics covered include:

  • The Therapeutic Relationship;
  • Evidence-Based Practice;
  • International Classification of Functioning,
  • Disability and Health;
  • The Strengths-Based Approach in Recreational Therapy; and
  • Conceptual Models for Theory and Practice.

Of course, the book also contains topics traditionally covered in trends and issues courses, such as

  • certification and licensing,
  • public policy,
  • ethics,
  • RT history,
  • cultural competence, etc.
  • A couple of chapters that students may particularly enjoy are How to Take and Pass Tests and Hire Me! (on getting a job or internship).

[I] Hope RT faculty will give Perspectives on Recreational Therapy a look as the text for their trends and issues course.

For info on the book or to obtain a desk copy please go to https://www.sagamorepub.com/products/perspectives-recreational-therapy

Best, Dave

David R Austin, PhD, FDRT, FALS

Professor Emeritus, Indiana University