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Danny Pettry is a Certified Success Principles Trainer through Jack Canfield’s organization.

This is week # 10 out of the 52 weeks in 2020.

This week’s success principle is:

Release the Brakes


Imagine a car that has the emergency brake on.

Let’s imagine the next driver hops in the car and starts the engine.

However, this person doesn’t realize the emergency brake is pulled back.

What is going to happen?

Not much.

The car won’t go too far.

the wheels will drag on the road if it goes at all.

It isn’t effective.


Mental Brakes

People have mental brakes.

These are negative thoughts in our heads.

These thoughts prevent us from taking action.


Here are some examples:

I can’t do that.

That is impossible.

I can just forget about it.

It will never work out for me.

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These types of negative thoughts prevent a person from taking action.

A person never achieves the successful results in life unless they take action.


The Solution: Release the brakes

Let go of negative thinking patterns.

Replace them with positive affirmations.

Word it positively. Say it to yourself often (especially at bedtime) so it seeps in your subconscious.

Here are some examples:

Financial: I am so happy and grateful now that: I have $10,000 in saves.

Family: I am so happy and grateful now that I’m spending a day at the beach with my family.

Health: I am so happy and grateful now that I am eating the meals recommended by my dietitian.  Or I am so happy and grateful now that I’m walking one hour every day after work.

Career: I am so happy and grateful now that I am a Master Level Recreational Therapist.

Leisure: I am so happy and grateful now that I am playing my favorite song on the piano.


Fill in the blank:

I am so happy and grateful now that: _________________________________________

Post your answer below.


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Final Thoughts:

Older mental brakes stop you from success.

Create your own new positive affirmations.

These affirmations will seep into your subconscious mind.

If you tell them to yourself daily over and over and believe them.

You’ll slowly release the brakes and start moving towards your goal.

You’ve got this.





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