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Did you Win the February Giveaway? Thirty-three (33) people won a prize!

Random number generator used to select winners. No purchase required.

Two (2) First Prize Winners

Two (2) people won a 12-clock hour self-study CEU course on Behavioral Health

Odds of winning: 2 out of 357 — 0.005 

  • Caroline E., North Carolina
  • Gabrielle H., North Carolina



Four (4) Second Place Winners:

Odds of winning: 4 out of 357: 0.011 (1%)

  • Myrna A., Ohio
  • Greg R., Michigan
  • Carla P., Minnesota
  • Lauren F., Connecticut



Third Place Winners:

Twenty (20) people won a relaxation coloring book:

Odds of winning: 20 out of 357: 0.056 (6%) 

  1. Gina G., Texas
  2. Gina S., Indiana
  3. Grace T., Illinois
  4. Arnie I., New York
  5. Diana S., Arkansas
  6. Abbey J., New York
  7. Renee S., Illinois
  8. Kristy B., Virginia
  9. Rebecca G., Arizona
  10. Nancy N., Maryland
  11. Carrie S., New Jersey
  12. Denice P., California
  13. Mo P., South Carolina
  14. Patricia C., New York
  15. Kathy G., Pennsylvania
  16. Katie D., Pennsylvania
  17. Elizabeth E., Virginia
  18. Valerie R., Pennsylvania
  19. Janette R., West Virginia
  20. Katie W., North Carolina


The Secret — DVD Giveaway

Six (6) people won a copy of the documentary, The Secret, that inspired Danny Pettry to create online Rec Therapy CEUs for CTRS in 2006.

Odds of winning: 6 out of 20: 30%

  1. Sara., New York
  2. Carrie G., Virginia
  3. Jessica R., Florida
  4. Jama D., Michigan
  5. Katie M. New York
  6.  Brandi H., Wyoming


Do YOU Want to be a Winner?

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