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Danny Pettry is a Certified Success Principles Trainer through Jack Canfield’s organization.

This is week # 7 out of the 52 weeks in 2020.

This week’s success principle is:

Write Your Goals

It is simple.

Grab a pen and a note card.

Write your goal on the note card.


Make it something big and outrageous 

  • Buy a boat
  • Perform in a play
  • Lose significant weight
  • Get a graduate degree
  • Buy the car of your dreams
  • Write the great American novel

You must decide — what is your big goal?

Danny Pettry comments: I believe  most people can reach goals to get something they want. However, they can’t have everything they want.

Example of getting what you want vs. getting everything you want:

  • Most athletes play one sport. It would be nearly impossible for an athlete to play on 100 different sports or teams. There just isn’t enough time in the days and years. So they pick the one they love.
  • A person could save up to buy one dream car — but it might not be feasible to have 100 different sports cars.
  • Pick one big goal that you want to reach in your life. This is something that would make your  heart sing.


Make it measurable with a deadline

It isn’t enough to say my goal is to have more money.

You’ll have more money if you pick up a penny on the sidewalk.

The goal must include (something measurable) with a deadline.


Examples of well-written personal goals:

I’ll earn an extra $25,000 before midnight Dec 31st, 2020.

I will weigh xyz before midnight Dec 31, 2020.

I will own one new red Corvette before midnight Dec. 31, 2020.

The goals above are measurable. They have a number and a deadline.

Don’t worry yet how you’ll reach your goal. Just write it down at this time. 



Quick Video Clip with Danny Pettry

Danny Pettry’s Outrageous 2020 Goals:

Before midnight Dec. 31, 2020, I’ll have:

  • published 5 new non-fictions books
  • created 10 new webinars for rec therapists
  • Presented one teen success workshop day for over 100 teens
  • Re-do the TR Directory with an easier search tool and posting tool.
  • Have my book I can do anything featured in at least 10 publications
  • Have 5,000 new students join my online CEU program. We avg. about 1,000 per year.

I have a full journal filled with goals, ideas, plans, hopes, wishes, dreams, innovations.

I’m not sharing all of my personal goals. Sometimes, I don’t like to share my next move until I do it.


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