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Danny Pettry is a Certified Success Principles Trainer through Jack Canfield’s organization.

This is week # 5 out of the 52 weeks in 2020.

This week’s success principle is:

Believe in Yourself:

Last week, I discussed “Believe it is possible.”

This week goes deeper. You must believe it is possible for you.

What good would it do you if you thought it was possible, but just not possible for you.

Perhaps you thought it is possible for the rich, the younger, those with more experience, etc. too tall, too small. whatever.

I want to encourage you to Believe in Yourself. It is self-confidence. It is a you-can-do-it attitude.


The Placebo Effect:

Scientific researchers test treatments.

They give one group “the real treatment.”

The give a second group “the placebo,” or fake treatment.

The placebo effect is a strange occurrence where a person describes having the outcomes and benefits of the treatment (despite receiving the placebo / fake treatment).

The mere face that they believed they received it caused them to believe they received the outcomes.

Ethically, as Recreational Therapists, we must provided informed consent to our clients and patients. We can’t provide fake treatments. We can teach them about the placebo effect.

How this can benefit you? Remember the human mind is very powerful.

Plant seeds of doubt and it will grow into feelings of being Unconfident.

Plant seeds of possibilities and it will grow into confidence.



Quick Two-minute Video with Danny Pettry:

Use positive affirmations:

“Can’t” is a four-letter word that I don’t allow group members to use when they attend and participate in my group therapy sessions.

Sometimes, I’ll hear comments like:

“I can’t eat healthy.”

“I can’t stop cussing.”

“I can’t stop smoking.”

“I can’t stop (whatever it is that is causing problems).


I’ll ask them to re-word their “I can’t: statement as an “I won’t” statement.

This gets them to realize that is is a choice and if it is a choice then you could change.

I won’t eat healthy, but I could.

I won’t stop cussing, but I could.

I won’t stop smoking, but could stop smoking.


Finally, start changing the I won’t statements to small positive affirmations:

I will choose to eat healthy meals today.

I will choose to use positive words in my communications today.

I will choose to take healthy breathing breaks and drink water to cope — just for today.


Final Thoughts:

Start to believe in yourself. — You can do it. Go for it today.

Why go for it today?

Earlier this week, Kobe (and family/ friends) passed away in helicopter crash.

Kobe is one year older than I am. I feel a generational connection with him.

And yet, he has passed and I’m still here.

The truth is — tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.

Believe it is possible. Believe it is possible for you. Go for it today. Do it now.


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