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The facts:

  • Recreational Therapists are often asked to participate in action alerts. This consists of contacting your U.S. Congress-person or Senator regarding issues and legislation pertaining to Recreational Therapy. A good example is: H.R. 1906: Access to inpatient rehabilitation act of 2015. This bill was sponsored by our very own U.S. Congressman G.T. Thompson (from Pennsylvania) who holds the “CTRS” credential. G.T. is a past president of ATRA too!


  • Voter records are public. These public records don’t disclose your political party (Independent, Republication, Democrat, etc.) It doesn’t disclose who you voted for. That too is confidential. The public record identifies if you vote or not.  Think of having a good credit score. Now imagine that people who vote have stronger voter-scores. They’re more powerful.


My Thoughts and Feelings:

  • I think it is vital for recreational therapists to vote. This is how our voice is heard.


  • Here is one good reason I think it is important to vote!

We, Recreational Therapists are our only advocates. Sometimes, we contact our elected officials to take action regarding legislation regarding our profession. Imagine if your elected official has a record that you’re not a voter or you rarely vote at all. What would they do with that knowledge? What would they do if they knew you voted in 100% of elections? I’d imagine they care about their constitutions (people in their district), especially those who vote.  They want to make that voters are happy.


  • My Request:  Go out and vote!

It is a day late. Elections are ending on the east coast. Some states may already have ended their elections.