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Effective January 14, 2020

Our business name, status, and address and url are changing.

From: Danny Pettry® (a Limited Liability Company) based out of Wayne County, West Virginia (DannyPettry.com) — often referred to as: DannyPettry.com: Rec Therapy CEUs.

To: Rec Therapy Today® (a Domestic Corporation) based out of Reno, Nevada (www.RecTherapyToday.com)


  • Easier to remember: Rec Therapy Today® is a lot easier for you to remember than my name, Danny Pettry.
  • Long-term business plans: I’m making the change for a long-term business plan as well. I want my business legacy continue after I retire (in 25 to 30 years) .I think the next person to take over would rather maintain the Rec Therapy Today® (brand) instead of the DannyPettry brand.
  • Business advantages: For transparency reasons — there are some business advantages for moving my company from West Virginia to Nevada. There are some advantages for changing from a Limited Liability Company to a a Domestic Corporation as well.

Your Services will remain the same. 

Other than the name change, your services will remain the same. 

I hope to improve the site, services, and opportunities for you as well. 

We’ll continue to provide you with amazing continuing education opportunities

Any courses you’re taking through DannyPettry.com will remain active for you for at least five years.

All new courses at my site will be featured at our newer url:

Rec Therapy Today – self-study CEU courses

http://www.RecTherapyToday.com (Continuing Education through Innovation)


Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.


You may notice DannyPettry, LLC on some of our mail and documents for a while. We’ll be slowly changing that.

.Your friend and partner in Rec Therapy,

Danny Pettry, Director of Continuing Education

Rec Therapy Today® Continuing Education through Innovation®

Online: http://www.RecTherapyToday.com