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The Power in Me
Story by Meaghan Axel Illustrations by Michelle Simpson

Are your thoughts in a tizzy? Doubts making you dizzy?
Tell those feelings to shoo, with the power in you!

About the Author:

MEAGHAN AXEL was a secondary English teacher for many years before her passion for learners and children’s literature led her to where she truly belongs—the elementary school library. After dabbling with yoga and meditation for some time, Meaghan became a certified yoga instructor in 2014. She enjoys sharing her love for reading, yoga, and meditation with others. Mrs. Axel lives on the beautiful Eastern
Shore of Maryland with her husband and daughter.


About the Illustrator

MICHELLE SIMPSON is a professional illustrator based out of the Niagara Region of Canada. Michelle
graduated with a BAA in illustration from Sheridan College, and now works as a freelance illustrator.
Michelle has worked on concept artwork and final backgrounds for season two of the children’s TV show
Ollie: The Boy Who Became What He Ate. She also worked on season one of Tee and Mo. Although she
takes on many different projects, Michelle’s passion is children’s book illustration.




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